The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Wad'). To establish or to place. Allah established the secondary causes and placed them within the cosmos. They play a decisive role in Allah's Plan, for it is through the establishment of these secondary causes that man may come to know Allah.

Loving, The

(al Wadud). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Wahb). Knowledge by bestowal is a divine emanation and a light which Allah throws into the heart. It is the knowledge possessed by the friends of Allah, as distinct from knowledge which is earned through reflection. Allah's Grace and His Gifts, whi...

Divine Solitude

(Al Wahdah) is situated between the Supreme Unity (Ahadiyyah) and the distinctive Oneness (Wahidiyyah). The slave of Allah seeks to be drowned in the Source of the Ocean of Divine Solitude. Within the Supreme Unity the slave is effaced. Within the Di...


(Wahdaniyya). This is the Oneness of Allah which was witnessed by mankind at the event of the taking of the Covenant in Pre-Eternity. This is the 'place' and 'time' of original faith and it is this original faith with which each child is born. When t...

Unity of Essence

(Wahdat-i Dhatiyyah). On the Night of the Ascension the Blessed Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha was taken to the Divine Presence. In order for Allah's Beloved to attain to Allah it was necessary that His slave be in a state of total and absolute Unity. ...

Unity of Place

(Wahdat-i makaniyyah). To attain to the Divine Presence, to reach Allah Almighty, the slave must be in a state of utter Unity. This Unity is comprised of three Unities Unity of Essence, Unity of Time and Unity of Place. Unity of Place is that 'placel...

wahdat al-wujud
Unity of Being

(Wahdat al wujud/Tawhid aI wujudi). This term carries different meanings. It may indicate 'The Unity of Existence' and 'The Unity of Being' and 'The Oneness of Finding'. At the end of the Path only Allah is found. This is the Unity of Existence, the ...

Unity of Time

(Wahdat-i-zamaniyyah). The slave returns to the 'timeless' Time. This is the beginingless and endless moment in which he is 'no thing' ('la shay'). Only Allah IS. The slave is merely an entity through which Allah Almighty becomes manifest. The slave...

Bestower, The

(Al Wahhab). The Bestower. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Wahid). Unique and one. The words wahid and ahad both mean 'one and unique'. Ahad may apply to Allah and also to what is other-than-Allah, but wahid applies only to Allah Himself. No one else is named or described by the word wahid.

al-wahid al-ahad
One, the Unique

(Al Wahid al Ahad). This is a Name of the Essence. It denotes the Essence Itself, without any relationship by which it is described. 'One' is the Essence and 'Unique' is the Essence.


(Al Wahidiyya). Uniqueness or Oneness or Singleness. When considering al Ahadiyyah as Oneness it is inward Oneness where the Names and Qualities are hidden in the Essence. When considering al wahidiyyah as Oneness it is outward Oneness where the Esse...

al-wahid al-kathir
One, the Many

(Al Wahid al Kathir). The Essence Itself, or Being, is called 'The Unity of the One'. When considering Being as Possessor of the Names it is called 'The Unity of Multiplicity'. When taking both perspectives into account Allah is called 'The One-The M...

wahid al-zaman bi'aynihi
Unique and alone in his time

(Wahid al zaman bi'aynihi). This term indicates the Ghawth.