The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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wasf kiyani

An engendered description. This refers to something that describes the cosmos.

wasf nafsi
Description of the self

(Wasf nafsi).

Vast, The

(Al Wasi'). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Wasl/Wusul). Union or joining. This term contains the idea of duality because of the joining, or union, between two. In complete union there is no duality whatsoever. Therefore, wasl is inferior to complete union. Through being the Divinity, Allah i...


(Wasm). A distinguishing mark which has continued since Past Eternity and will continue into Future Eternity.


(Waswas). The satanic suggestions and whisperings which enter into the heart of man in order to distract him from the Remembrance of Allah. The waswas is sneaky and cunning. He is not easily located or quietened. The struggle against satanic suggesti...


(Watan). Homeland or place of origin or abode or realm. The Ultimate Homeland is that placeless place to which the slave returns and retires. It is the Great Silence which is found when the slave has become 'no thing'. His existence is the blissful n...

Odd, The

(Al Watr). A Divine Name.

Spiritual work

(Wadhifa) are general spiritual practices taken from the Holy Qur'an and the practices of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may the salutations of Allah be upon him and peace). These daily practices can be chosen by the person himself for spiritual and mate...


(Wazn). Allah has set-up the Scale in order to weigh things. There are many such Scales - the Scale of Justice, the Scale of the Revealed Law, the Divine Scale, the Fundamental Scale. Everything pertaining to Allah Almighty, to knowledge, to spirit...


(Wilayah/Walayah). Wilayah is the sainthood of the great friends of Allah (awliya). It is a Divine gift and the height of human perfection. The distinguishing mark and basis of sainthood is gnosis, not holiness or piety. The friend upon whom saintho...

wilayat 'amma
Sainthood of the masses

(Wilayat 'amma). General sainthood. This sainthood is the sanctity which is common to the sincere and faithful believers. It is distinct from, and on a far lower level, than the sainthood of the Elect of Allah.

wilayah khassa
Sainthood of the Elect

(Wilayah khassa). The sainthood of the Elect who have been annihilated in Allah and remain through Allah.

Spiritual exercise or work

(Wird pl. Awrad). A specific spiritual exercise which is comprised of litanies and Divine Names. The wird is given to the murid by his Murshid and is to be performed daily. The wird may also descend, without the direct mediation of the Murshid, upon ...


(Witr). There is a prayer called the witr prayer which is the final supererogatory ritual prayer of the day. It consists of an odd number of rakats, (either one or three, according to the different schools). Coming as it does from the Divine Name al ...