The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Ta'ah). The one who wants to know Reality must strive in all his acts of obedience until Allah becomes his hearing, his seeing and all of his other faculties. Obedience to, and supreme respect of, the Sacred Law is essential from the outset on the S...


(Ta'ajjub). Wonder occurs when the veils are removed and the slave sees Allah established in all places and at all times. When the slave has been annihilated in the Source and then returned to the humanity to work in the Way of Allah. When Allah is ...


(Ta'alluh). Deification. In the higher teaching, this term indicates the condition when the slave becomes drowned in the Name 'Allah'. Here there is no seeing and no hearing and no speaking. All is Allah. All of the senses have been spiritualized an...


(Ta'alluq). Connection or firm adherence. Ta'alluq signifies a relationship, such as that which exists between an attribute and its object, or a name and its effect. When considering Self-annihilation (fana') as three distinct stages, ta'alluq occupi...


(Ta'ayyun). To be or to become an entity. Ta'ayyun is self-determination or entification or individualisation. This term is applied to the process of descent through which Pure Being gradually becomes qualified. Man is Absolute Being limited by ta'ay...

ta'ayyun awwal
First Determination

(Ta'ayyun Awwal). The First Entification or the First Epiphany or the First Determination or the First Descent. This is the World of Invincibility, the Reality of Muhammad, the Inscribed Book. Its other Names include 'Or Nearer', the Veil of Glory an...

ta'ayyun jasadi
Self-determination (corporeal bodies)

(Ta'ayyun jasadi). Self-determination of Being in corporeal bodies.

ta'ayyun mithali
Self-determination (imaginal forms)

(Ta'ayyun Mithali). Self-determination of Being in imaginal forms.

ta'ayyun ruhi
Self-determination (Spirits)

(Ta'ayyun Ruhi). Self-determination of Being in spirits.

ta'ayyun thani
Second Determination

(Ta'ayyun thani). The Second Entification or Second Epiphany. This is the Angelic Realm and is also known as the Imagination. The Lote Tree of the Uttermost Boundary, the Breath of the All Merciful and the Cloud. This is the Supreme Isthmus.


(Tab'). Nature or imprint. This term signifies the sum total of the peculiarities which are impressed into something, for example, a thing's characteristics, temperament or constitution.

Continual change

(Tabaddul). The heart, and everything else within creation, undergoes continual change in each moment. Through keeping watch over his heart the knower comes to the knowledge of continual change (tabaddul) and this knowledge takes him to Knowledge of...

Constant Devotion

(Tabattul) is a characteristic of the Men of Allah who are known as the worshippers.


(Taba'i). The natures (hot, cold, moist and dry) which make up a person's constitution and which undergo change under the influence of a spiritual state.


(Tabi'). This term refers to the one who is a follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). A follower strives to emulate his perfect and beautiful character. A friend of Allah is always a follower (tabi'...