The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Wahm). Fantasy or imaginal perception or illusion. Al wahm is the conjectural faculty, the active imagination of the power of illusion. It is the most tremendous power which Allah has given to man. It is this faculty which acts directly upon the pur...


(Wahshat). Loneliness and estrangement. This is experienced when the lover of Allah is far from Allah's intimacy. It is the loneliness of seeing 'other-than-Allah'. It is a condition of intense contraction. During such lonliness the lover may seek t...


(Wahy) is specific to the Prophets of Allah. It is the descent of the angel of Revelation upon the hearing and the heart of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah. Wahy was terminated with the Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of A...


(Wajd). These are the states which come upon the heart unexpectedly. They annihilate it from witnessing itself and others. Ecstasy is the descent of immense spiritual energy upon the slave. It overwhelms the senses, causing extreme physical reaction...


(Wijdan) comes from the same root as wujud (finding). It could be said that wujud is finding the Real in ecstasy.


(Wajh). The face or special aspect of a thing. This is its reality. The knower and lover sees only Allah. When looking at the creatures he sees either the Faces of the Absolute or the Divine Faces. Every existent thing is a face of the Absolute. Ever...

wajh Allah
Face of Allah

(Wajh Allah). This is the Transcendent Essence of everything or the inner reality of each entity. "Wherever you turn, there is the Face (Reality) of Allah" (The Qur'an 2:115).

al-wajh al-khass

(Al Wajh al khass). This is the face of Allah turned toward, and specific to, every created existent. Between each thing and the wajh al khass there is no intermediary.


(Wajib). Incumbent and necessary. For the lover and slave and knower of Allah many things which are not incumbent upon the other believers become incumbent and necessary for him. The higher he ascends, and the further he travels, the greater become h...

wajib al-wujud
Necessary Being

(Wajib al wujud) is that reality which cannot not be, in contrast to the 'possible things' (mumkin) and 'impossible things' (mumtani'). The impossible thing is that which cannot exist within the cosmos but may nonetheless exist within the mind of man...

wajib al-wujud li dhatihi
Being whose existence is necessary

(Wajib al wujud li dhatihi). This is Allah, the Absolute Being, the Essence Itself.

wajib al wujud bil ghayr
Being whose existence is necessary by 'the other'

(Wajib al wujud bil ghayr). That which is made necessary through another being whose existence is necessary in itself'. This is the possible or contingent thing. Its existence depends totally upon Allah, Who is Necessary Being. The slave of Allah has...

Resourceful, The

(Al Wajid). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Trustee, The

(Al Wakeel). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Passionate upheaval

(Walah). The passionate upheaval of extreme ecstasy. This upheaval occurs when the heart is utterly overwhelmed with love of Allah. Love such as this is pure, total and unconditional. This love does not differentiate between the Beloved's harshness ...