The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Wudd). Connected to the Name al Wadud, The Loving-Kind. There are several terms which indicate love of Allah. The differences in these terms is the difference in the degrees of that love. They range from the simple and pious love of the faithful bel...


(Wujub). Necessity or obligation. There is a type of mercy which is called the mercy of obligation. It is a specific mercy which becomes obligatory for Allah only in the case of certain of His special slaves and friends.


(Wujud). Being, existence or finding. When considered as 'being', wujud designates Allah's Own Reality and Essence. When considered as 'existence', wujud designates the things found in the cosmos. When considered as 'finding' wujud designates the sub...

wujud 'amm
Being-All inclusive

(Wujud 'amm). This is Being considered from both sides Allah as the Essence and Allah as the Divinity. Allah is identical with the things, but the things are not identical with Allah.

al-wujud al-asli al-idafi
Existence-fundamental and relative

(Wujud al asli al idafi). The existence of the entities belongs to Allah in the state of their being qualified by non-existence in themselves. Their existence is fundamental and relative.

wujud al-'ayn
Existence of the entity

(Wujud al 'ayn). The existence of the entity or thing.

al-wujud al-dhihni
Existence of the mind

(Wujud al dhihni). Mental existence. This term indicates the existence of a thing, as a concept, an idea, within the mind of man.

al-wujud al-hadith
Existence of temporal origin

(Wujud al hadith).

al-wujud al-haqiqi

(Wujud al Haqiqi). True Being. This is The Essence Itself.

al-wujud al-haqq

(Wujud al Haqq). The Real Being which is the Manifest within the loci of manifestation.

al-wujud al-khayali

(Wujud al khayali).This indicates everything 'other-than-Allah'.

al-wujud al-muhaqqaq

Verified Being. This is Allah Himself.

al-wujud al-mutlaq

(Wujud al Mutlaq). This is The Essence Itself.

al-wujud al-qadim

(Wujud al Qadim).

al-wujud al-suri

(Wujud al suri). This is the Breath of the All Merciful where Allah manifests Himself in the forms of the existent things in the cosmos.