The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Virtuous One

(Muhsin). The muhsin is the man with virtue, the one who has devoted all his efforts towards acquiring that quality of excellence and perfection, sanctifying virtue and spiritual beauty which is embodied in the followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

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(Mu'min). The believer or the one with faith (Iman). On the seven runged ladder to Knowledge of Allah, the believer occupies the second rung, that of Iman. Such a believer is now safe from the hellfire, but his ascent to the Divine Presence still reaches above him. From the stage of mu'min he then endeavours to attain the spiritual virtues of Ihsan and become a muhsin.
The one who has submitted and surrendered to Allah. Initially the muslim is the one who has submitted, unknowingly, to Allah. All of creation is muslim because each creature is in submission, yet ignorant of that submission. The essence of the true muslim is complete surrender, which is the condition of being inwardly surrendered and utterly compliant to the Divine Will. The true muslim knows with absolute certainty, that he is a slave - and a slave is in perpetual surrender and submission.
(Ihsan). Excellence or perfection or sanctifying virtue or spiritual beauty. Ihsan has three degrees: 1).To do the good that should be done with one's property, words, acts and states. 2). To worship with total presence like one was actually seeing one's Lord. 3). To contemplate Allah in all things, at all times and always. Perfection is the third rung on the seven-runged ladder of Knowledge. These seven levels are Islam, Iman; Ihsan; 'Ilm al yaqin; 'Ayn al yaqin; Haqq al yaqin; Islam. (Surrender, Faith, Perfection, Knowledge of Certainty, The Eye of Certainty, The Truth of Certainty and Total Surrender and Submission).
(Mujahadah). The spiritual struggle and endeavour against the passions and downward-pulling tendencies of the lower self. Mujahadah is the ceaseless combat called the Greater Holy War. The war is fought with the celestial weapons of the Remembrance of Allah. The mature ones of the Path, those who 'know Allah', say that mujahadah is child's play! The real work of Men is Divine Knowledge.

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