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Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Afada) To overflow or emanate. Creation is an overflow or an emanation from the the Breath of the All Merciful. Allah is 'the Giver' and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (who is the Greatest Teacher) is 'the Distributor'. The Inheritors of the Prophet (...

al-fayd al-aqdas
Emanation, Most Holy

(Al Fayd al Aqdas). The Most Holy Emanation. This is the Principial Manifestation. It is the 'place' where Allah manifests Himself to Himself in Himself. The Most Holy emanation also refers to the infinite and uncreated Heart of the Perfect Man. It i...

al-fayd al-muqaddas
Emanation, Holy

(Fayd al Muqaddas). The Holy Emanation. This is the manifestation of Allah in the forms of the Creation. In the Descent it is the second theophany. It is the place where 'being' is bestowed upon each entity in keeping with its universal preparedness ...

haqiqat al-fayd
Emanation, Reality of

(Haqiqat al Fayd). The Reality of Emanation or Outpouring. This is the power through which the Divine Realities are transferred from the Murshid to his murid. It is a direct emanation or overflow from the Great Heart of the Holy Prophet Muhammad hims...


(Isti'dad) is closely connected to receptivity (infi'al). It is the readiness to receive what Allah Wills to send. This 'preparedness' was established in Pre-eternity through the Most Holy Emanation (Al Fayd al Aqdas) which gave the preparedness to ...

al-ruh al-Muhammadi
Spirit of Muhammad

(Ruh al Muhammadi).The spirit, which is a limitation of Allah, The Creative Truth, is the first emanation from the Absolute. This emanation is the Ruh al Muhammadi. Here the spirit is absolutely pure. This plane is free from materiality. It is the p...


(Wahb). Knowledge by bestowal is a divine emanation and a light which Allah throws into the heart. It is the knowledge possessed by the friends of Allah, as distinct from knowledge which is earned through reflection. Allah's Grace and His Gifts, whi...