The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Images or similars

(Amthal). Images or similars. These are 'bodies' which are seen within the World of Imagination. Angels, Prophets, Saints and even Allah Himself may become 'embodied' within this Realm.

See also: Imagination Embodiment
(Khayal). Imagination indicates a reality that becomes manifest in three different places. Firstly, the Khayal is manifest within the cosmos where existence is the same as imagination. Secondly, the Khayal is manifest within the macrocosm where the isthmus between the spiritual and corporeal worlds is imaginal. Thirdly, the khayal is manifest within the microcosm where the human self is the reality between the body and the spirit. Khayal is synonymous with images. The Realm of Imagination is the isthmus between the World of the Unseen and the Visible World and it is within this khayal that man is given the clearest expression of the 'He, not He' (Huwa, la Huwa) mystery of existence. The human faculty of imagination (khayal) is purely passive with regard to the active conjectural faculty of illusion and with regard to the Spirit which may imprint upon it heralding visions.
(Tajassud). Embodiment or corporealization. Within the realm of Imagination the friends of Allah see in their visions the embodiment of an angel, a Prophet or even Allah Himself. The cosmos itself consists of non-existent meanings which are embodied in Manifest Being.

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