The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Naz). When the lover begs and petitions the Beloved for just one glance at him, the Beloved responds with perfect coquetry.

See also: Absence Constancy and stability Jealousy Lover-Passionate Passionate love of Allah
(Ghaybah). This indicates the heart's absence from knowledge of what is happening in human situations because the senses are totally occupied with what is influencing them. Absence also refers to the manner in which the Beloved keeps Himself absent from the lover. This absence is for the sake of imparting knowledge and teaching courtesy in love.
(Niyaz). Constancy and stability in seeking Allah. The bondage of the slave and the yearning of the lover remain constant under all conditions. The slaves and lovers of Allah sit patiently at Allah's door. Through looking always towards Allah, the Master Himself, they remain in profound constancy, in the face of Allah's Majesty or His Beauty.
(Ghayrah). There is a jealousy for the sake of the truth which is directed towards the overstepping of limits. And there is a jealousy which is the concealment of inner and outer secrets. The Jealousy of Allah is His tenaciousness in holding His friends (awliya) who are His precious possessions.
('Ishq). Intense, overflowing and passionate love of Allah. Some say that 'ishq cannot arise without actual vision of the Beloved. 'Ishq is the highest stage before absorption in Allah. It is as rare as the red sulphur. It burns away everything of the lover ('Ashiq) transforming him into the beloved. After annihilation in Allah and absorption in Allah, where all is blindness and there is no longer any vision, the lover is separated from the Beloved and his 'ishq burns afresh. Passionate love of Allah is without limit.

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