The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

mustanad al-ilahi

(Mustanad al ilahi). The Divine support (or reality). Every quality of the creature is firmly rooted within or supported by the Creator. He is its Divine support.

See also: Attribute Divine Root Names
(Sifat). An Attribute or Quality by which Allah reveals Himself in a relative manner. A sifat is a radiation from the Divine Essence through which man can approach Knowledge of Allah. The Essence has no manifestation without the manifestation of Attributes (sifat). The Essence is the source of the Attributes and the Attributes are the source of actions.
(Al Asl al Ilahi). The Divine root. Everything in the cosmos comes from its Divine root. He is the One and Only Source.
(Asma). Names. The Names designate permanent 'aspects' of the Essence. Every Name has a meaning and a form. The meaning of every Name is Allah. It is only through the Names, all of which are Allah's, that we have access to Knowledge of Allah. The Divine Names seek the Perfect Man (Insan al Kamil) to be their perfect locus of manifestation. Through their seeking him and their requiring his existence the knower comes to understand the nobility and grandeur of the Perfect Man.

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