The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Kingdom of Allah

(Al Mulk). This is the phenomenal world, the macrocosm. Allah's kingdom is the possible things, the entities. We are His kingdom and through us He is King. This kingdom is the place of manifestation of the Divine Names. A Master said, 'I have no morning and no evening'. Morning pertains to manifestation, the world of the kingdom (Al Mulk) and the visible. Evening belongs to non-manifestation, the world of dominion (Al Malakut) and the Unseen. This Great Master was in the station of 'no station'.

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(Asma). Names. The Names designate permanent 'aspects' of the Essence. Every Name has a meaning and a form. The meaning of every Name is Allah. It is only through the Names, all of which are Allah's, that we have access to Knowledge of Allah. The Divine Names seek the Perfect Man (Insan al Kamil) to be their perfect locus of manifestation. Through their seeking him and their requiring his existence the knower comes to understand the nobility and grandeur of the Perfect Man.
(La maqam). This is the 'station of no station'. This 'station of no station' is the highest station reached by the People of Perfection who manifest the Name 'Allah'. They have passed beyond all states and stations and are the true Muhammadan heirs. They have passed beyond both Majesty and Beauty and have no attribute and no description. They are not determined by properties. The People of 'no station' are the Divine Ones. The Real is identical with them. The Muhammadan heirs have no goal because their vastness is the Vastness of Allah Himself Who has no goal in Himself which might ultimately be reached. The People of 'no station' witness only Allah - Allah, the Infinite, the Eternal, the Absolute.
('Alam al Malakut). The World of Dominion, Power, Will and Knowledge. The Kingdom of inwardness. The realm of vision. The hdden world. The universe of subtle forms. This world denotes the Divine Attributes. The gardens of this World are made radiant with the Beauty of Muhammad al Mustapha, the Mediator between the Visible and the Unseen.

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