The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Kafir - see 'One who covers the Truth'.

Unceasing companionship

(Istishab). The intensity of yearning and longing for the absent Beloved increases the bliss of meeting Allah. The traveller who has unceasing companionship with the Murshid runs the risk of falling into a familiarity which may lead to disrespect. ...


Ghaflah - see 'Negligent'.

Uncreated, The
Al Azali

(Al Azali). The Uncreated. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Undifferentiated mode

(Ijmal). Within the Knowledge of Allah all of the immutable entities are differentiated. Allah distinguishes each entity and does not see them as undifferentiated. The root of the cosmos is Allah, and the cosmos itself is the manifestation of the Di...


(Ittihad). 'Unificationism' or the 'coming together of two things'. Ittihad is considered to be an heretical doctrine in that it presupposes the existence of two independent beings, and this is in contradiction to the concept of Unity of Existence or...


(Wasl/Wusul). Union or joining. This term contains the idea of duality because of the joining, or union, between two. In complete union there is no duality whatsoever. Therefore, wasl is inferior to complete union. Through being the Divinity, Allah i...

Union of Union
jam' al-jam'

(Jam' al Jam'). Gathering of the gathering. Jam' al jam' is the experience of union devoid of all distinctions, even of the idea of being one with Allah. This is the station of 'Two Bows' Length', the station of Perfection which is attained only by t...

Unique and alone in his time
wahid al-zaman bi'aynihi

(Wahid al zaman bi'aynihi). This term indicates the Ghawth.

Unique Prototype
al-unmudhaj al-farid

(Unmudhaj al farid). This is a term applied to the perfect human symbol, the Perfect Man. He is also the totality of the universe. He is the Spirit.

Unique, The

(Al Ahad). The Unique, The One, The Only. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. The Principle insofar as It is One in itself. The mystery of intrinsic Unity.

Unity in Multiplicity
Jam' al Jam

(Jam' al Jam). See - 'Union of Union'.

Unity of Essence
tawhid-i dhat

(Tawhid-i Dhat). The Essence is the Absolute Unknowable and knowledge of It is impossible.

Unity of Essence

(Wahdat-i Dhatiyyah). On the Night of the Ascension the Blessed Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha was taken to the Divine Presence. In order for Allah's Beloved to attain to Allah it was necessary that His slave be in a state of total and absolute Unity. ...

Unity of All-Comprehensiveness
ahadiyyat al-jam'

(Ahadiyyat al Jam'). This is the stage of 'Or Nearer'. It is Union. It is Annihilation and Disappearance in Allah. Ahadiyyat al jam' is the final stage in the ascension to Allah, coming after the stage of 'Two Bows' Length'. This station belongs excl...