The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Names of Wrath and Majesty
asma' qahriyyah

(Asma Qahriyyah). The Names which are connected to Allah's Wrath and Majesty.

Names, The contrary
al-asma' al-mutaqabila

(Al Asma al mutaqabila). This includes such opposing Names as The One Who Contracts (al Qabid) and The One Who Expands (al Basit), The Life-giver (al Muhyi) and The Slayer (al Mumit). All of the contrary Names are gathered together in the Name 'Alla...

Names, The Most Beautiful
asma' al-husna

(Asma al Husna).The Most Beautiful Names of Allah. Allah tells us in The Qur'an that the Most Beautiful Names are His. These are the Names of His Perfection. Perfection encompasses both Majesty and Beauty. For man to become Perfect Man he must endeav...


(Tab'). Nature or imprint. This term signifies the sum total of the peculiarities which are impressed into something, for example, a thing's characteristics, temperament or constitution.


(Tabi'a). This is one of the names by which the Supreme Isthmus is known. Nature is called the highest and greatest mother because she is the one who gives birth to all things while remaining herself unseen. Through her receptivity all of the existe...

al-tabi'at al-kull

(Tabi'at al kull). The Universal Nature which is the Supreme Isthmus. It is synonymous with the Breath of the All Merciful. It is the forever invisible material which allows everything below the world of spirits to become manifest. Nature is the high...


(Taba'i). The natures (hot, cold, moist and dry) which make up a person's constitution and which undergo change under the influence of a spiritual state.


(Qurb). Proximity or nearness to Allah. Qurb is the reality of the Station of Perfection, 'Two Bows' Length'. It is the limit of the slave's ascent before annihilation in Allah. One of the bewilderments of the Journey is that through having knowledge...

Nearness of Obligatory Works
qurb al-fara'id

(Qurb al fara'id) is the second lowest of the four stations of Perfection. The slave who performs the obligatory works attains this proximity. While retaining his own properties his reality is annihilated in Allah. Allah manifests Himself with His Na...

Nearness of Supererogatory Works
qurb an-nawafil

(Qurb an-nawafil) is the lowest of the four stations of Perfection. The slave who performs the supererogatory works attains this proximity. While retaining his own reality he is completely dominated by Allah's Oneness and becomes qualified by His Att...

Nearness to Allah

(Wasila). Al Wasila is a name given to the highest station in Paradise which is promised only to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). He is the possessor of the means to Allah's Mercy. This is the place of i...


(Wajib). Incumbent and necessary. For the lover and slave and knower of Allah many things which are not incumbent upon the other believers become incumbent and necessary for him. The higher he ascends, and the further he travels, the greater become h...

Necessary Being
wajib al-wujud

(Wajib al wujud) is that reality which cannot not be, in contrast to the 'possible things' (mumkin) and 'impossible things' (mumtani'). The impossible thing is that which cannot exist within the cosmos but may nonetheless exist within the mind of man...


(Wujub). Necessity or obligation. There is a type of mercy which is called the mercy of obligation. It is a specific mercy which becomes obligatory for Allah only in the case of certain of His special slaves and friends.


(Miskin). Needy, poor and utterly and totally bereft. The 'miskin' is the slave who is at the absolute extremity of need of Allah. He has been stripped of everything and exists purely to manifest the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'.