The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Journey in the Universe

(Sayri afaqi). In this Journey the traveller contemplates all the signs within the creation. This contemplation leads to the Creator.

Journey towards Allah

(Sayr il Allah). The Journey of the traveller (salik) towards Allah, from the lower self to the heart. It is a Journey through the unveiling of the Names.

Journey with Allah

(Sayr ma' Allah). This is the Return Journey to creation while subsisting in Allah and seeing all things as manifestations of Allah.

Journey within the self

(Sayri anfusi). The traveller contemplates the signs within his own self. This Journey ultimately takes the traveller to Allah.


(Al Hukm). The judgement or order or property which rules over a thing. Just as a king rules over his subjects according to the level of kingship, so it is the level of the thing that rules, not the entity of the thing. It is this property of a thing...


(Qiyamah) indicates the time when the realities will dawn on each entity. This is the time when every entity will meet with the deeds which he sent before him.

Just Scale

(Qist). The qist is the state possessed by existence. Were Allah to drop this Just Scale from His Hand for even an instant the entire cosmos would be utterly annihilated. In the same way as Allah keeps hold of the Just Scale, so too does His Slave ho...

Just, The

(Al 'Adl). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Just, The

(Al Muqsit). A Divine Name.


('Adl). Justice is putting everything in its proper place. Outward justice concerns what is between oneself and others. Inward justice concerns what is between oneself and Allah.

Justice, The One who brings
Al Haakim

(Al Haakim). The One who brings Justice. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.