The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Intermediate state

(Barzakhiyya). Isthmuseity or intermediate state.


(Ta'bir). Interpretation or crossing over. An example of such crossing over is that of the intepreter of a dream who crosses over from the sensory form of the dream to the hidden meaning. The interpreter (mu'abbir) then gives expression to the inwar...


(Ta'wil) means 'to take back to the origin' and to discover and explain. Interpretation is beneficial when it does not contradict the basic teachings of Islam or weaken the faith of the believers. However, through a lack of Consciousness of Allah and...


(Mu'abbir). The interpreter of a dream is the one who passes over (ta'bir) from the sensory form of the dream to the meaning contained within the dream's form. It is within the Realm of Imagination that meanings become clothed in forms.


(Mutarjim). Spokesman or interpreter. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is the spokesman of Allah. Through The Qur'an, which is Allah's Word, he acts as the supreme spokesman to all of mankind. The entire ...


(Tarjuman). As the lover ascends towards Allah he may be blessed with profoundly beautiful and awesome spiritual experiences and visions, tastings and unveilings. To give verbal expression to these Graces from Allah, and to interpret the mysteries w...


(Uns) is a spiritual state in which the heart becomes permeated by Love and contemplates the Beauty of Allah and His Gentleness, Mercy and Forgiveness. The state of intimacy is ineffably sweet and indescribable. It may descend upon the listener at t...

Intimate Conversation

Munajat - see 'Private Prayer'.

Intimate Friend

(Khalil). He is the one who has been thoroughly penetrated by Allah and become His intimate friend. Such was the exalted station of the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him).

Intimate friend of the Merciful
khalil ar-rahman

(Khalil ar Rahman). The friend who has been thoroughly penetrated by the Merciful. Allah's Mercy pours down in abundance upon such a friend, penetrating his entire being and making of him a slave through whom the Divine Mercy flows into the manifest ...


(Sukr) is spiritual intoxication. It is an absence from self-awareness brought about through a powerful spiritual influence such as immersion in the Remembrance of Allah, finding Allah within the spiritual concert, or the glance of a friend of Allah....

Intoxication of Union
sukr al-jam'

(Sukr al jam'). This is the drunkenness which is experienced in the pure union which has no trace of separation (individuality).

Inviting ecstasy

(Tawajud). Inviting ecstasy or 'rushing out to meet ecstasy half way'. The spiritual concert is one of the most powerful means through which ecstasy may be invited. The lover of Allah always contains an inner movement of yearning towards Allah. When ...

Invocations of Allah

(Dhikr/Adhkar) are invocations of Allah by one of His Names or a phrase in His Remembrance.

Inward knowledge

('Ilm al Batin). The science of inward knowledge as opposed to the 'exterior' science ('Ilm al Thahir) of the Doctors of Law. The knower possesses both the inward and outward knowledges, because he 'knows' Allah and Allah is both the Nonmanifest (Al ...