The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Mu'attal). In Truth there is nothing in existence which is inoperative because Allah does not create anything without a specific purpose. Some parts of the cosmos are more excellent than others, but each and every part and entity is operative.

Inrush of knowledge

(Warid). An inrush of knowledge and awareness. Every affair which enters the heart from any Divine Name is called a warid. During the collective dhikr and spiritual audition of the Sufi gatherings the dhakir and listener may be opened to powerful inr...


Basirah - see 'Inner eye'.


(Ilham). Divine inspiration or effusion. Ilham is an blowing in of the Holy Spirit into the heart of a Prophet or a Friend of Allah. Ilham is distinct from Revelation which is specific only to the Prophets of Allah. The Divine Ilham is the immense sp...

Instant or moment

('An). This is the creative moment, indescribable and ineffable, in which subject and object are joined in union. It is the sublime instant when lover, Beloved and Lover become one.


(Raqiqa). Thin or delicate or flimsy or intangible. The term raqiqa is employed to describe the subtle forms or relationships of the different levels of existence; e.g. the single intangible (raqiqa) reality which separates Perfect Man from man is th...


('Aql). The intellect or the faculty of reason. The word 'aql derives from 'iqal which means fetter. The intellect fetters man and it also puts its hooks into him, preventing him from making the final stages of the ascent. On the ascension to Allah (...

Intellect, First
al-'aql al-awwal

('Aql al Awwal). The First Intellect has two faces; the one that is turned towards Allah receives from Allah, while the one that is turned towards the world transmits from Allah. Al 'aql al awwal is analogous to the Supreme Pen.

Intellect, Perfected

('Aql-I Salim). Perfected or sound intellect.

Intellect, Pure
'aql mujarrad

('Aql Mujarrad). Pure intellect.

Intellect, Total

('Aql i-kull). Total intellect.

Intellect, Universal
al-'aql al-kulli

See 'Universal Intellect'.


(Ma'qul). Intelligible, logical, reasonable, explainable. That which is conceived by the reason ('aql). On the Journey of Return the traveller reaches a point which is indicated by the name 'The Lote Tree of the Uttermost Boundary' where there is no...


(Niyyah). The Perfect Man is the first in intention and desire through Allah, making him the intended aim and final cause of the creation of the world. From the side of creation all acts of obedience to Allah require purity of intention. Without pur...


(Butun). Interiority and non-manifestation. This is the place of the Hidden Treasure which Allah made manifest in the creation of the cosmos.