The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Ghaflah - see 'Negligent'.


(Jahannam) is distance (bu'd) from, and forgetfulness of, Allah. Man finds himself in Hell when he imagines that there actually is a real chasm between Allah and himself.


(Nar). The nar is a reality in this life and a reality in the Hereafter. It is experienced in this life when one is in a state of forgetfulness of, and separation from, Allah.

Help, The
al-ghawth (al-ghauth)

(Ghawth). Within the Sufi hierarchy he is the one person who forms the focus of Allah's supervision of the world in every age. He is the hidden centre of the hierarchy of saints. He is unique and alone in his time, except when the moment has led oth...

Helper, The
Al Mu'in

(Al Mu'in). One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Helper, The
Al Naasir

(Al Naasir). The Helper. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Heralding vision

(Mubashira). A heralding vision or sound dream, through which the Friends of Allah experience revelations from Allah.


(Akhira). The hereafter is the next life in which are found the Bridge, the Scales, Paradise and Hell. For the traveller on the Spiritual Path the reality of the things and events of the hereafter may be experienced here and now, in this life. Paradi...


(Zindeeq). Due to their ecstatic utterances some of the great lovers of Allah were regarded as heretics by the orthodox. The statements which they made, while spiritually intoxicated or lost in union or annihilated in Allah were misinterpreted. Stat...


(Akhfa). The innermost consciousness. Al Akhfa is that 'place' where a knower sees Allah through Allah, yet, in Truth, it is only Allah Who Sees. It is equivalent to the Ultimate Unseen.

Hidden Association

(Shirk Khafi). The great idol of all worship is the 'I-ness' or 'existence' of the worshipper. Until his existence is annihilated in That Which Truly Exists, Allah, he will be guilty of Hidden Association.

Hidden of the Hidden
akhfa al-khafi

(Akhfa al khafi). The most secret of the secret. The most hidden of the hidden. The most unseen of the unseen.

Hidden of the Hidden
Ghayb al Ghayb

(Ghayb al Ghayb). There is no entry for this in the original Qamus, but it is referred to under 'Essence' and 'Absolute Essence'.

Hidden Treasure
Kanzi Makhfiyan

(Kanzi Makhfiyan).


('Ulwi). This is the opposite pole to low (sufli). In making his descent, from the state of non-manifestation within the Knowledge of Allah to the state of manifestation within the cosmos, man was cast down to the "lowest of the low'". This is the pl...