The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Footprint of the Messenger
qadam rasul

(Qadam ar Rasul). The Qadam Rasul, a sacred relic, is the impression or trace left on a rock by the footprint of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Not only does an immense spiritual energy, or baraka, ema...


(Kursi). In the descent from the Absolute the Footstool is situated under the Throne. It is the place from which the command to good, and the prohibition of evil, issues. Cosmologically it is the heaven of the fixed stars. The Divine Word which desc...


Haram - see 'Unlawful'.

Foremost, The

(Sabiqun). The foremost are those slaves of Allah who press forward eagerly, in anticipation of meeting their Lord. They are the ones who are brought near to Allah. They drink directly from the two Supreme Fountains in Paradise. The foremost are the ...


(Nisyan). Because man was created upon the 'form' of Allah he possesses the potentiality to forget his servanthood and see himself as Lord. Yet, this forgetfulness (nisyan) is a Divine Attribute, as is indicated in Allah's Words, "They forgot Allah,...


(Ghafr). Forgiveness is to cover and conceal faults. Through His Infinite Grace, Allah covers and conceals our faults, not only from our fellowmen but also from our own selves.

Forgiveness and pardoning

(Ghufran). Forgiveness and pardoning. Knowing his own imperfection and his inability to praise Allah the knower is filled with shame. He seeks Allah's Forgiveness for his very existence and his audacity at even appearing before the Divine Majesty.


(Sura). The outer form of an entity or thing is what conceals its inner meaning. Revelation is the outer form whose meaning is Allah's Knowledge of Himself and His creation. Tearing away the veil of form to reveal the meaning within is the work of t...

Form - Muhammadan
Form - Muhammadan

See - 'Muhammadan Form'.

Form - sensory
sura mahsusa

(Sura mahsusa). A sensory form or what is perceived by the senses. The Realm of Imagination is the 'place' where meanings can take on sensory form.

Form giving

(Musawwira). The form-giving aspect of the faculty of imagination. The sensory faculties are the material with which this form-giving aspect composes the forms seen in the Realm of Imagination.


(Suwar). All things within the cosmos are forms behind which are meanings.

Forms of corporeal objects
suwar jasadiyya

(Suwar Jasadiyya). Corporeal forms of imaginal objects which are witnessed in the World of Imagination.

Forms of Lordliness
suwar al-rabbaniyya

(Suwar al Rabbaniyya). This term is synonymous with the Divine Names.


(Sur). Fortress or rampart. The Fortress (sur) which the slave enters to gain Eternal Protection is 'There is no god other than Allah'. The Foundation upon which this Impenetrable Fortress is built is 'Allah'. The Door to the Fortress is 'Muhammad is...