The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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First Substance
al-jawhar al-hayulani

(Al Jawhar al Hayulani). The first substance or prime matter or the material substance in which the forms of all beings become manifest. It is utter darkness and utterly unknowable, but, just as the bright light of day is contained within the darknes...

First thought

(Hajis). It is that first thought which comes from one's Lord and in so doing it never errs. That which you worship is the first thing that comes to your mind in a moment of panic.

First, The

(Al Awwal). The First. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah. The Supreme Principle insofar as it is ‘before’ Manifestation, and insofar as its infinitude ‘desires’ its Radiation. Mystery of the Origin, of the primordial perfection.

Firstness of Beginning

(Al Awwaliyyah). Firstness of Beginning. This is the primordiality.

Fixative, The
Al Munshi

(Al Munshi). The Fixative. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Fixed Entities
al-a'yan al-thabita

(Ayan al Thabita). The immutable entities or fixed prototypes or established essences or potentialities. These are the infinite and immutable Possibilities which are fixed in the Ipseity. The fixed entities are the images of the Divine Names and Qua...

Flashes of Light

(Lawami'). Flashes of light that fleetingly enter the heart and momentarily remain there. And even though the flash departs as suddenly as it arrives it may nonetheless bring with it and deposit in the heart, a new and fresh knowledge of Allah. The m...


(Muqallab). This term indicates the constant change and fluctuation of spiritual states within the heart.


(Taqallub). Fluctuation or alteration or transformation or change. The heart (qalb) is that which constantly fluctuates, undergoing never-ending transformations, and it is the heart that contains Allah. Through keeping watc over their hearts the know...

Fluctuator of the Hearts, The
muqallab al-qulub

(Muqallab al Qulub). He who makes hearts fluctuate. Allah is Muqallab al Qulub. The human heart is between the Two Fingers of the All Merciful and He turns it whichever way He Wills.


(Qaum). The People or Folk. This term is often used as a synonym for the Sufis. They are the Folk of Allah.


(Tabi'). This term refers to the one who is a follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). A follower strives to emulate his perfect and beautiful character. A friend of Allah is always a follower (tabi'...

Follower of authority

(Muqallid). The muqallid is the one who has surrendered to Allah and follows only His Authority.

Following authority

(Taqlid). Following authority. Man should only ever follow Allah's Authority. The Verifiers, who are the highest category of the friends of Allah, have verified the knowledge gained through following Allah's Authority.


(Ghidha). Allah, the Absolute, is the Source of food and nourishment for all of the creatures. All of Allah's creatures exist, subsist and are kept alive by Allah. And, the Absolute is nourished by the forms of the creatures because it is through the...