The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Fate and Lot in life
qismat wa al-nasib

(Qismat wal nasib). This expression indicates an acceptance of the events of everyday life in which Allah's Majesty or Beauty become manifest. This acceptance can pervade the Muslim with a tranquillity and patience which is so often misunderstood by...

Father of the Time

(Abu'l waqt). He is the one to whom Time is subservient, directing the affairs of the world by his will.


(Khawf). Fear acts as a warning of something terrifying in the future. In the initial stages of the Spiritual Journey the murid experiences great fear of the treachery of his own self, and also the fear of falling short of his Murshid's directions. ...


(Sa'id). The one who is felicitous and blessed through obedience and devotion to Allah. The specific marks of the works which lead the felicitous one to felicity are that they are performed in a state of presence with Allah.


(Sa'ada) is nearness to Allah and the Infinite Expanse of His Mercy. The attainment of ultimate felicity awaits the believer in the Garden, yet he may experience a relative felicity, in this life, when he is engaged in prayer or the Remembrance of A...


('Eid). Festival or feast day. For the lover of Allah this festival is the recurrent celebration of the arrival of the Beloved. When Allah enters the courtyard of His lover's heart that moment is the moment of bliss. The hunger, thirst, pain and orde...

Festival of fast breaking
'id al-fitr

('Eid al Fitr). When the traveller observes the inward fast by striving to purify his thoughts, words, deeds and heart, and when through such striving he succeeds in abstaining from everything that is 'other-than-Allah', he then breaks his fast on la...

Festival of the Sacrifice
'id al-adha

('Eid al Adha). This Great Feast Day is celebrated after the slave has stood in the Presence of His Oneness, (symbolised by the standing at the Mount of Mercy on the Plain of Arafat outside of Holy Mecca). When the lower self has been reduced to nau...


(Wijdan) comes from the same root as wujud (finding). It could be said that wujud is finding the Real in ecstasy.


Wujud - See 'Being'.


Nar - see 'Hellfire'.

Firm, The

(Al Matin). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

First Determination
ta'ayyun awwal

(Ta'ayyun Awwal). The First Entification or the First Epiphany or the First Determination or the First Descent. This is the World of Invincibility, the Reality of Muhammad, the Inscribed Book. Its other Names include 'Or Nearer', the Veil of Glory an...

First Intellect
'Aql al Awwal

'Aql al Awwal - see 'Intellect-First'.