The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Boy or slave

(Ghulam). The traveller who has attained to annihilation in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace), becomes permeated with an extremely high degree of love, honour and respect for the Beloved of Allah. A new kn...

Breaking of habit
kharq al-'ada

(Kharq al 'ada). This is another expression for the type of miracle performed by the friends of Allah. However, the Verifiers (al Muhaqqiqun) say that a miracle is a 'bringing into existence' rather than 'a breaking of habit', because a 'habit' is s...


(Nafas). Breath or instant. Nafas is the indivisible moment in which every existent in the cosmos undergoes a new creation. The spiritual energy (barakah) of the Sufi Path is transmitted on the breath of the Murshid. It is only through receiving the ...

Breath of the All Merciful
nafas ar-rahman

(Nafas ar-Rahman). The Breath of the All Merciful. This exceedingly beautiful term indicates the evanescent nature of existence in its state of constant change and renewal. It is the Supreme Isthmus and the very substance of the universe is the Breat...


(Tanfis). To air or to comfort or to cheer up or to relieve or to remove sorrow. And all of this comes to be through the Breathing of Allah.


(Tanaffus). This refers specifically to the Divine Breathing, which is synonymous with the Word of Command "Be!" ("Kun!"). Allah's 'breathing out' is His 'sending out' what was in His Interior to the Exterior by means of the Word "Be!". Allah Himsel...



Bridal Pavilion

(Manasah). The place where wedding-feasts occur. They are occasions of Allah's revealing Himself spiritually.


(Sirat). The bridge over the Hellfire which leads to Paradise. In the Traditions it is said that on the Day of Judgement, when everyone must cross the Sirat, beneath which lies Hellfire, the fire will say to the man of Allah, the true believer, 'Hur...


(Diya). Brightness. This term means 'Wisdom of the Light' or 'seeing with the Eye of the Real'. Diya is not the Light Itself but is from that Light.

Bring into existence

(Ijad). To bring into existence or to bestow with existence. This bestowal of existence is infinite because Allah, the Bestower, is Infinite. Existence only becomes manifest through His Names and what comes out of His Names is infinite.

Bringing together

(Jam'). Bringing together or gathering or all-comprehensiveness or unification or unitive experience. A reference to Truth without creation.

Bringing together

(Majmu'). The 'bringing together' or 'combined totality'. This bringing together is the combined totality of everything. It is Allah in Himself, the Real and Allah in His Self-disclosure, the creation. 'bringing together is The Creative Truth plus ...

Bringing together of opposites
jam' al-addad

(Jam' al Addad). The coincidence or bringing together of opposites. The Name 'Allah' denotes both Essence and Divinity and brings together all the Names.

Bringing together of the Contrary Names
majmu' al-asma' al-mutaqabila

(Majmu' al Asma al Mutaqabila). The totality of the contrary names. This 'bringing together' is contained within the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'. He is the One Who brings opposites together. When all opposites are gathered there is Unity (tawhid)...