The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Wujud). Being, existence or finding. When considered as 'being', wujud designates Allah's Own Reality and Essence. When considered as 'existence', wujud designates the things found in the cosmos. When considered as 'finding' wujud designates the sub...

Being whose existence is necessary
wajib al-wujud li dhatihi

(Wajib al wujud li dhatihi). This is Allah, the Absolute Being, the Essence Itself.

Being whose existence is necessary by 'the other'
wajib al wujud bil ghayr

(Wajib al wujud bil ghayr). That which is made necessary through another being whose existence is necessary in itself'. This is the possible or contingent thing. Its existence depends totally upon Allah, Who is Necessary Being. The slave of Allah has...

al-wujud al-mutlaq

(Wujud al Mutlaq). This is The Essence Itself.

Being-All inclusive
wujud 'amm

(Wujud 'amm). This is Being considered from both sides Allah as the Essence and Allah as the Divinity. Allah is identical with the things, but the things are not identical with Allah.

al-wujud al-qadim

(Wujud al Qadim).

al-wujud al-haqq

(Wujud al Haqq). The Real Being which is the Manifest within the loci of manifestation.

al-wujud al-haqiqi

(Wujud al Haqiqi). True Being. This is The Essence Itself.

al-wujud al-muhaqqaq

Verified Being. This is Allah Himself.


(Mu'min). The believer or the one with faith (Iman). On the seven runged ladder to Knowledge of Allah, the believer occupies the second rung, that of Iman. Such a believer is now safe from the hellfire, but his ascent to the Divine Presence still rea...


(Habib). This usually refers to Allah Who is the Ultimate, the One and Only Beloved of all His lovers.

Beloved - Absolute

(Ma'shuq) is the Absolute Beloved, Allah. This beautiful word, ma'shuq, sung by qawwals and mystic poets, is capable of flooding the heart of the lover ('ashiq) with intense, Passionate Love ('ishq) through which ecstasy (wajd) may be experienced. Wh...

Beloved of Allah

(Habibullah). This blessed name is proper only to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). No one reaches Allah by being a lover, only by being the Beloved, and it is for this very reason that 'No one will meet ...

Beloved Ones
al 'ahbab

(Al Ahbab). The absolute Beloved of Allah (Habibullah) is the Holy Prophet Muhammad and it is only through him that the yearning lover of Allah ('Ashiq) may be united with Allah. When the Beloved is named Ma'shuq, it refers to the Absolute Beloved, A...

Beneficient, The
Al Muhsin

(Al Muhsin). The Beneficient. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.