The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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('Ubbad). The worshippers are those who are dominated by renunciation and constant devotion. There are three types of Men of Allah: the worshippers, the Sufis, and the Verifiers who are the People of Blame.

Worshippers of the moment
'ubbadu'l waqt

('Ubbad ul waqt). These are the knowers who worship Allah in every moment of Time. Self-disclosure never repeats itself. In each moment Allah reveals Himself anew. Therefore the worshippers of the moment never limit or restrict Allah in any moment of...

Wrath of Allah

(Ghadab). Allah's Wrath or His Anger. Wretchedness belongs to the Divine Wrath and felicity, which is the Infinite expanse of Allah's Mercy, belongs to the Divine Approval. The Holy Prophet Muhammad said "Allah's Mercy precedes His Wrath".


(Shaqa'). This is a stage which is reached through following individual caprices and whims. Disobedience is the condition of the wretched one (shaqi), while obedience is that of the felicitous one . Misguidance pushes man to wretchedness. Guidance l...


(Maktub). This term indicates 'fate', as in the expression, "It is written" ("Kana maktub").


(Thaalim). A thaalim is a wrong-doer who loves Allah for his own sake, and in so doing, reveals himself to be a tyrant. He does not remember Allah for Allah, but remembers Allah for the sake of this world or his desire for the next world. He wrongs h...


(Thulm). This term indicates 'putting something in a place that is not worthy to receive it'. Speaking about the divine mysteries to one who is not capable of receiving them is not only a wrongdoing, but also a form of ignorance, spiritual immaturit...


Shawq - see 'Longing'.


(Ant). You. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.

Zam Zam
Zam Zam

The well spring, represents ‘Ilm al Haqaiq (the knowledge of Realities). “For whatever reason you drink . . . “