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Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Invocations of Allah

(Dhikr/Adhkar) are invocations of Allah by one of His Names or a phrase in His Remembrance.

ana jalisu man dhakarani
I am sitting with the one who remembers Me

(Ana jalisu man dhakarani). Allah says in a Hadith Qudsi, 'I am sitting with the one who remembers Me'. Allah 'becomes' that particular part or organ which is engaged in the dhikr, be it the tongue, the heart or simply the hand which holds the prayer...

Spiritual work

(Awrad). This is the spiritual work undertaken by the murid with the direct permission of his Murshid. The awrad consists of units of dhikr, in the form of repetition of Divine Names, Qur'anic verses and sacred litanies. Within tariqa it is the actua...


(Dhikr). Remembrance, invocation or glorification of Allah, through the repetition of one of His Names or a phrase to His Glory. True dhikr is a spiritual state in which the one who remembers (dhakir) concentrates all of his physical and spiritual po...

dhikr akhfa al-khafi
Remembrance, the most secret of secret

(Dhikr akhfa al khafi). The most secret of secret remembrance. This is the secret dhikr. It is the beautiful mutual remembrance between Allah Almighty and his slave, who is both a knower and a lover. It is the vision of the Reality of Absolute Truth....

dhikr jahri
Remembrance- vocalised

(Dhikr jahri). Vocalised Remembrance of Allah. The dhakir is only a partial dhakir when his Remembrance is vocalised. To become a total dhakir, each organ, each sense, each cell, each atom, must be immersed in His Remembrance.

dhikr al-khafi

(Dhikr al khafi). Secret remembrance. This is the vision of the light of the beauty of Unity. The silent remembrance which is subtle, delicate and infinitely sweet.

dhikr al-lisan
Remembrance with the tongue

(Dhikr al lisan). Remembrance with the tongue.

dhikr an-nafs
Remembrance of the self

(Dhikr al nafs). Remembrance which is not audible but consists of inner movement and feeling.

dhikr al-qalb
Remembrance with the heart

(Dhikr al qalb). Remembrance with the heart as it contemplates the Beauty and Majesty of Allah in its inner recesses. Such a dhikr may be sweet when Beauty reveals Itself or awesome when Majesty dominates.

dhikr ar-ruh
Remembrance of the spirit

(Dhikr al ruh). The remembrance of the spirit when the dhakir perceives the Lights of the Attributes.

dhikr as-sirr
Remembrance of the secret

(Dhikr al sirr). The remembrance in the innermost heart when Divine Mysteries are revealed.

Remembrance of Allah

(Dhikrullah). Invocation of Allah through one of His Names or through His Words. The perfect dhikrullah, in which Allah becomes the seeing, the hearing, the speaking, the grasping of the one who remembers, is attained when every atom of the dhakir's ...


(Halqa). This is the spiritual gathering in which the members of a tariqa devote themselves to the Remembrance of Allah (Dhikrullah). Each 'one who remembers' becomes like a link in a circular chain. Immense spiritual energy (Barakah) can be attract...


(Hiss). The faculty of sensation or the domain of the senses. The senses act as a veil over Reality and it for this reason that the lover of Allah supplicates to have his senses removed! But, because man has been placed within the domain of the sens...