The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Muhayminiyya). To supervise. The representatives of Allah have the responsibility of supervising all those beneath them. And within the Sufi hierarchy there are levels of supervision. Some of the Divine Names supervise other Divine Names. There is a hierarchy within the Names just as there is a hierarchy within the entire existence.

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(Asma). Names. The Names designate permanent 'aspects' of the Essence. Every Name has a meaning and a form. The meaning of every Name is Allah. It is only through the Names, all of which are Allah's, that we have access to Knowledge of Allah. The Divine Names seek the Perfect Man (Insan al Kamil) to be their perfect locus of manifestation. Through their seeking him and their requiring his existence the knower comes to understand the nobility and grandeur of the Perfect Man.
(Imamani). Within the Sufi hierarchy there are two who are called the Imams. One is from the right of the Ghawth and he oversees the invisible world. The other is from the left of the Ghawth and he oversees the material world. The latter acts as deputy of the Ghawth.
(Khatam al Awliya). He is also known as the The Pole or The Pivot or The Axis (Qutb). Within the Sufi hierarchy the Qutb occupies its peak. He is the one person in every era who forms the focus of Allah's supervision of the world.
(Al Afrad). Within the Sufi hierarchy 'Al Afrad' are the Singular ones or the Individuals. These men are outside of the supervision of the Qutb, or Pole. Their head is The Green Prophet, Al Khidr.
(Fard/ Mufrad). Within the Sufi hierarchy he is the man called fard (or mufrad) 'The Solitary'. He stands equal to the Pole, but without a specific function such as that possessed by the Pole. He is the one who knows that he undergoes constant fluctuation of knowledge in each breath. He is outside the supervision of the qutb. He is compared to the 'Enraptured Angels' (al mala'ikat al muhayyamin).
(Al Khalifah). The viceregent of Allah is the perfected human being who has fulfilled his reason for being. He has carried the Trust which Allah offered to him, the Trust of being the locus of manifestation for the Name 'Allah'. The viceregent is the Perfect Man in whom Allah contemplates His own Name-derived Perfection. No one is called khalifah except through the perfection of the Divine Form within him. It is through His khalifah that Allah enters the world.

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