The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Mandub). Those aspects of the Sacred Law which man is encouraged to perform.

See also: Displeasing Law Lawful Unlawful
(Makruh). Undesirable. That which is displeasing to Allah. Those things that are displeasing in the early stages of spiritual travel become forbidden and unlawful in the later stages. In the beginning the seekers looking at and seeing what is other-than-Allah is displeasing to Allah. In the later stages it is forbidden for the slave to look at and see anything other-than-Allah. All is He. All is He!
(Halal). This term indicates that which is lawful according to the Islamic Sacred Law (Shari'a). For the People of Reality, who adhere to both the inner and outer meanings of the Sacred Law, it is lawful to witness only Allah. Witnessing other-than-Allah is forbidden (Haram).
(Haram). That which is unlawful according to Islamic Sacred Law. When travelling towards the Unity, which is Allah, the lawful (Halal) and the unlawful (Haram) become unified as the veils are removed revealing the reality that all of existence is a complete and perfect manifestation of Allah.

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