The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

khayal haqiqi
Imagination - True

(Khayal Haqiqi). The dream-visions seen by the Men of Allah (al Malamatiyya; al Muhaqqiqun; Rijal; Sufis) are 'True' because these perfected human beings have overcome their individual limitations. Their visions, not being coloured by their own selves or circumstances, are therefore 'colourless' and True (Haqq).

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(Khayal al Muyaqqad). The World of Imagination is the isthmus between the World of the Unseen and the Visible World. It has two levels. The first is the level of delimited imagination (al Khayal al Muqayyad) which stands closer to the Visible World. The second is the level of nondelimited imagination (al Khayal al Mutlaq) which stands closer to the World of the Unseen.
(Ru'yah) It is within a dream vision that much of the Sufi Teaching may be transmitted, from a higher realm, to the dreamer. Within a dream vision meanings become clothed in forms. The knower is the one who knows what Allah means by the observed image in the vision. He is true to his vision and gives it its due. The learner is the one who does not know what Allah means but he has the aptitude and capacity to advance to the level of knowledge. His ru'yah must be interpreted for him because he deems the vision to be true. In other words, he takes the observed images as veridical and corresponding to the external world, until Allah teaches him and he knows the meaning.

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