The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Incoming Thought

(Khatir). Every divine command descends to the creation. As the thoughts descend, they gather all of the emanations of that which they pass through. Each thought penetrates all of the Celestial bodies and affects them in every movement according to the capabilitie and the ability of the object to absorb until it reaches the earth. Then it (the thought) manifests itself to the heart of the creations. They accept it according to their preparedness. Its' acceptance varies – these are the incoming thoughts which people find in their hearts. By it they seek and through it they desire and through it movement takes place. When these movements and actions descend, they are either negative or positive, thus, all movement in the world – from the mineral kingdom to the vegetable, animal, human and earthly angelic realms, to the heavenly angelic beings are affected by this. From these divine manifestations which take place according to the divine command and descend to earth, people find in their hearts these thoughts, but they do not know their origination. This is the source, manifested in the higher Celestial realms and the lower realms. When these commands take hold of the receivers, the self disclosure will manifest itself in that form which takes shape in that self disclosure. Then the divine command will clothe it either in beauty or ugliness. Then they will return in their ascension from where they have begun until they stand once again before the presence of the Lord of the Divine Names. They all appear in the form in which they have brought. Then the Supreme Being Al Haqq accepts what He wishes and He turns back what He wishes to its owner according to the form which is suitable to it. In a nutshell, what descends upon the heart and the consciousness from the speech of the Lord; if it is or it is not, but without taking any form then it is the embodiment of the illusion of the self. All incoming thoughts are Divine Speech, but not self disclosure. For that reason, Allah creates images in the ‘Ama, they will have certain reality within that. Whoever witnesses but he does not have the Divine Grace of knowledge of what we just mentioned, he will imagine that these thoughts are Divine manifestations in what he sees in the imagery. For this reason, this is called Khawatir They do not have permanence, the same as the imagery of the letters in existence after the tongue has spoken them. In the instant of utterance, the annihilation of the letters occurs. What remains is the sound in the one who hears. Like the mental pictures that one receives and they think that the thought is still there. Like the great saint Dhun Nun has said with regards to “Am I not your Lord?” He said, ‘I can still hear the ringing of it in my ears’. What remains is not the words but what he has heard (and the vibration of it). That’s where understanding takes place from the imagery of the word which imprints itself upon the self. It’s Divine Names ‘Aaqli Nafsaan. (come through the Intellect and the Self, the Throne and the Pedestal. It is the summation of all forms that the thoughts pass through. A sudden incoming thought or speech may be either divine (ilahi), spiritual (ruhani), egocentric (nafsani) or satanic (shaytani).

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(Khawatir). Incoming thoughts, which are either praiseworthy or blameworthy, i.e. divine, spiritual, egocentric or satanic. The Spiritual Master possesses the science of khawatir, and therefore knows the source of his murid's incoming thoughts. He supplies the correct spiritual medicine which will restore his murid's health. The Word of Allah descends firstly as Revelation, secondly as inspiration and thirdly as incoming thoughts. Khawatir come to the heart from the World of Dominion. The generality of mankind, both believers and unbelievers, will be questioned on the Day of Judgement and asked to account for their words and actions in this life. But, the people of the Spiritual Path will also be questioned and called to account for each and every incoming thought.
(Isti'dad) is closely connected to receptivity (infi'al). It is the readiness to receive what Allah Wills to send. This 'preparedness' was established in Pre-eternity through the Most Holy Emanation (Al Fayd al Aqdas) which gave the preparedness to the archetype itself.

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