The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

al-kamal al-mutlaq
Nondelimited Perfection of Being

(Kamal al Mutlaq). Allah is Perfection in His Essence. His Nondelimited Perfection (which is All-Possibility), includes the possibility of imperfection. Imperfection, in itself, is a part of the Infinite Perfection and is only seen as imperfection when viewed through the lens of multiplicity.

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(Tamam) is the condition of an entity whose creation is lacking in nothing. An entity can have this completion without having perfection. However, perfection implies completion.
(Asma al Mutaqabila). This includes such opposing Names as The One who Contracts and The One who Expands, The Life-giver and The Slayer. All of the contrary Names are gathered together in the Name 'Allah', which is the totality of the contrary Names.
(Jam'uhu al Diddayn). When asked, 'Through what do you know Allah?' one of the Masters answered, 'Through the fact that He brings opposites together'.
(Naqs). Part of the perfection of existence (the Divine Reality) is the existence of imperfection within it, since, were there no imperfection the perfection of existence would be imperfect. But this imperfection is relative. When existence is seen through the inner-eye of the one with unveiling or witnessing it is Absolute Perfection. Each moment is perfection but only the one with spiritual courtesy of the moment understands this Perfection.
(Ihsan). Excellence or perfection or sanctifying virtue or spiritual beauty. Ihsan has three degrees: 1).To do the good that should be done with one's property, words, acts and states. 2). To worship with total presence like one was actually seeing one's Lord. 3). To contemplate Allah in all things, at all times and always. Perfection is the third rung on the seven-runged ladder of Knowledge. These seven levels are Islam, Iman; Ihsan; 'Ilm al yaqin; 'Ayn al yaqin; Haqq al yaqin; Islam. (Surrender, Faith, Perfection, Knowledge of Certainty, The Eye of Certainty, The Truth of Certainty and Total Surrender and Submission).

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