The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Crow or Raven

(Ghurab) represents the Universal Body, the materiality of the entire creation, which is at the furthest distance from the Sacred Realm and is therefore dominated by darkness.

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(Nur Muhammadiyya). "Allah took a handful of His Light and said 'Be! Muhammad'". From this pre-existent Light of Muhammad (nur Muhammadiyya) all of the spheres were created. It is the Light of Muhammad that enables the traveller to advance towards the Reality of Muhammad (al haqiqa al Muhammadiyyah). Without the cooling nature of this light the salik would not advance, or if he did advance he would be burned-up. The differentiation between the Light of Muhammad (nur Muhammadiyya) and the Reality of Muhammad (al haqiqat al Muhammadiyyah) is within the degrees of the descent of Being, from the Inward Non-manifestation of the Hidden Treasure to the outward manifestation of the cosmos.
(Nurani). Within the cosmos, which is the realm of opposites, that which is luminous (nurani) stands in opposition to that which is dark (thulmani). All is relative, and while the angels are luminous when compared with corporeal things they are in fact dark and dense in relationship to the Infinite Light of Allah. The lovers of Allah drink a luminous wine which is handed directly to them from the Cupbearer.
(Al Haqiqat al Muhammadiyya). This is 'The Reality of realities'. It is the first descent of Being from the Beyond of the Beyond. It is the Station of True Love and the stage of 'Or Nearer'. Just as man is unable to look directly into the physical sun because its brilliance would burn away his sight, so too is he unable to look at the Divine Sun because Its Pure Radiance would burn away his very existence. And just as the sun can only be viewed through a thin covering of cloud, so too the Divine Sun can only be seen through the Greatest Veil which is the Reality of Muhammad. The heart which has been infused with knowledge of The Reality of Muhammad soars to Allah Almighty. It takes the lover on the wings of overwhelming love ('Ishq) and longing (Shawq) to the Divine Presence. When Prophet Noah saw the condition of the flood and he was afraid of the sinking of the ark, he used the intercession of Allah for the safety of the Ark (al Wasila). Allah told him to write on the mast the mixing of the Name of Allah and Muhammad (Alif Mim Lam)
(Thill). Man is situated between the Sheer Light of Being and the utter darkness of non-existence, between good and evil. He is a mixture of light and darkness. The light which is within man derives from his own essence which is turned towards Allah. When man relates himself to Allah Almighty, Allah receives him. Light is that through which man perceives. When Allah discloses Himself to one of His lovers, it is the light perceiving the Light. Allah sees Himself. None sees Allah but Allah. The heart is overwhelmed by the Radiance of Allah's Light. Man carries this light within his own shadow. The Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha said, "I am from the Light of Allah and the whole world is from my light". The entire creation is the shadow of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace).

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