The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

al-ghayrat al-ilahiyya
Jealousy, Divine

(Al Ghayrat al Ilahiyya). Allah is jealous and 'So jealous is He all others are destroyed; He must Himself act every part!'. Allah's Jealousy removes the properties of the 'other' (ghayr), demanding that the 'other' cannot have true existence. The Divine Jealousy requires that none be qualified by existence but Allah.

See also: People of the Essence Slave 'There is no god other than Allah'
(Al Dhatiyun). 'Those who have realised the Essence' are the slaves of Allah who drink directly from the Fountain of Camphor in Paradise. They are the People of Solitude of the Absolute Essence. Their love of Allah, being total and utter, remains constant in the face of opposites, because for them the opposites are joined. There is only Unity. There is only Allah as He is in Himself.
('Abd). The slave (and worshipper) is the one who is in a state of total and utter submission to the Will of Allah. After having been annihilated in Allah where all duality vanished and distinctions were erased, he returns to creation with perfect courtesy and with the Truth of Certainty that 'the Lord is the Lord and the slave is the slave'. When 'abd is translated as 'servant' it carries the implication that the servant can leave the service of his Master, if he so desires. However, the 'slave' is in total bondage, being utterly dependent upon his Master. All buying and selling transactions have been terminated. The slave belongs to Allah, completely, perfectly and unconditionally.

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