The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

al-firasat al-imaniyya
Clear sight through faith

(Firasat al Imaniyya). 'Perspicacity through faith'. This is a Divine light which Allah gives to the person of faith in his inner eye (basirah). 'Perspicacity through faith' is gained through assuming the noble character traits in perfect harmony, balance and equilibrium. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) said, "be wary of the firasa of the man of faith for he sees with the Light of Allah".

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(Iman) is to feel secure and safe. Iman is belief, and it is the verbal expression of that belief and it is putting that belief into practice. It is the second rung on the ladder to perfection: verbal surrender (Islam), faith (Iman), perfection (Ihsan), the Knowledge of Certainty ('Ilm al Yaqin), the Eye of Certainty ('Ayn al Yaqin), the Truth of Certainty (Haqq al Yaqin) and Unconditional surrender with Knowledge (Islam).
(Basirah). Insight. The basirah is the inner eye which perceives the World of the Unseen. Man's basirah is veiled and covered with a rust which can only be removed through the sincere practising of the Remembrance of Allah. Insight is one of the forms of direct knowledge of Reality.
(Nur) is the created light which radiates from the Uncreated Light of Allah. When this light enters the heart it drives away the existent order thereby annihilating the inner eye from witnessing 'other-than-Allah'. For unveiling to take place the Light which comes from Allah must coincide with the light within the heart. If there is darkness within the heart, then it will not be able to match the Light from Allah. In such a case there is no unveiling, and Knowledge of Allah does not arrive in that heart. It is the Remembrance of Allah which polishes the heart and allows it to be filled with light. The Source of this Pure Light is the Absolute Darkness of the Essence Itself. The most complete and penetrating light is the light through which is unveiled what Allah means by the forms seen by the imagination in dreams.

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