The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Immoral behaviour

(Faajir). Depending upon the root from which fajir derives it can mean either 'a man who commits sinful acts of infidelity' or 'a man who manifests or unveils what is veiled'. That is, he can either be a disbeliever or he can be one who manifests the Absolute through being a locus of Self-disclosure of the Absolute. One who moves from one Shaykh to another or sits in the gathering of a Shaykh other than his own disregards and disrespects the bond he has with his Murshid is also called a faajir, because this is an act of infidelity.

See also: Covering the truth Face One who covers up the Truth
(Kufr). Misbelief or denial and suppression of the Truth or covering-up of the Truth. Taken negatively misbelief (Kufr) is a belief that will lead to wretchedness. However when taken positively the real kufr is the dissolution of 'I-ness' in the 'I-ness' of Allah. This covering is Annihilation in Allah. It is the guarding of the inner secret which is the Sacred Reality within. "If the reality of the Sufi was to be unveiled he would be worshipped".
(Wajh). The face or special aspect of a thing. This is its reality. The knower and lover sees only Allah. When looking at the creatures he sees either the Faces of the Absolute or the Divine Faces. Every existent thing is a face of the Absolute. Everything our sight falls upon is an aspect of the Absolute, be it a reflection of Allah's Majesty or His Beauty. But only the Purified and Perfect Men reflect the Divine Face, and only the purified lover and knower perceives the Divinity in such faces.

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