The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

wajib al-wujud
Necessary Being

(Wajib al wujud) is that reality which cannot not be, in contrast to the 'possible things' (mumkin) and 'impossible things' (mumtani'). The impossible thing is that which cannot exist within the cosmos but may nonetheless exist within the mind of man. The Realm of Imagination is the place of 'impossible things'. The existence of the 'possible thing' depends totally upon the desire of Necessary Being (wajib al wujud) to turn His Attentiveness towards it and bring it into existence. Wajib al wujud may also mean Necessary Finding. Allah finds Himself and cannot not find Himself. The entity may or may not find itself and Allah. The 'finding' depends upon Allah's giving preponderance to the entity's finding Allah.

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(Wujud). Being, existence or finding. When considered as 'being', wujud designates Allah's Own Reality and Essence. When considered as 'existence', wujud designates the things found in the cosmos. When considered as 'finding' wujud designates the subjective experience of finding Allah or having awareness of Allah. The Verifiers and the People of Unveiling and Finding continually and everlastingly find Allah both in the cosmos and within themselves.
(Ahl al Kashf wal Wujud). These are the knowers. They have passed beyond the veils which stand between themselves and their Lord and they stand perpetually in His Presence.
(Murajjah). A thing is brought out of non-existence into existence when preponderance is given to it by Allah, The Preponderator (al Murajjih).
(Tawajjuh). Alignment, concentration or attentiveness, or 'to turn the face towards something'. Tawajjuh can refer to the spiritual concentration exercised between the Murshid and his murid. On a higher level of meaning it is Allah's Attentiveness towards the possible thing which brings that thing into existence. Also, through the attentiveness of a Divine Name, the traveller is drawn towards Allah.

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