The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

ta'rif ilahi
Divine bestowal of knowledge

(Ta'rif ilahi). Man is born into ignorance. He does not know why he has been born, what is the purpose of existence, whether his end will be felicitous or wretched. Man is utterly ignorant of Allah's Knowledge of him. Through a Divine bestowal of knowledge he comes to know those things about which he was ignorant.

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(Ma'rifa) is a light which Allah casts into the heart of whomsoever He Wills. This is the true knowledge which comes through unveiling, witnessing and tasting. This knowledge is from Allah, it is not Allah Himself, because He Is Unknowable in His Essence. The triad on the Sufi Path of Return is comprised of Fear, Knowledge and Love. Fear leads to Knowledge which leads to Unconditional Love of Allah. It is said that spiritual struggle is child's play while ma'rifa is men's work.
(Ta'rif). The giving of Divine knowledge may occur through unveiling or within dream-visions or through inspiration. The giving of knowledge (ta'rif) is distinct from the knowledge gained through reflection.
(Huda). It is Allah Who guides whoever He wants to Himself. The journey from the circumference to the Centre is under Divine Guidance and is specific to the people of yearning who travel the Spiritual Path. When He wants to join someone to Himself He guides them to His saints.
(Jahil). Ignorance, which is only a lack of knowledge, is darkness and darkness is non-existence while knowledge is Light and Light is existence. The Spiritual Journey is an inner transformation from ignorance to Knowledge, from darkness to Light, from non-existence to Existence, from self to Self.

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