The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Taladhdhudh). To take pleasure in. Sometimes it is part of Allah's deception to His slave when He permits him to take pleasure in a particular state. In looking upon the state as something arising from his own self the slave displays discourtesy towards Allah. At such a time the slave should supplicate '"My Lord, increase me in knowledge!" so that he may be transferred from the state in which he took pleasure and in which he displayed discourtesy.

See also: Deception Discourtesy My Lord, increase me in knowledge Spiritual courtesy
(Makr). Allah's deception of His servant or the stratagem through which He tests mankind. Allah may give to a man the continuation of Divine favours despite that man's opposition to His command or Allah may grant knowledge to a servant but deprive him of the act of putting it into practice or Allah may grant the practice but deprive man of sincerity. The manifestation of signs or miracles without purpose or limit can also be a sign of Allah's makr. The Sufis are extremely wary of the Divine deception.
Su al adab - see 'Bad Manners'.
(Rabbi zidni 'ilma). (The Qur'an 20:114). Allah told His Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) to supplicate for an increase in knowledge. The Prophet did not ask for increase in anything except knowledge. The knowledge for which he asked increase was Knowledge of Allah. He also supplicated, "O my Allah, increase my bewilderment in Thee!" But, Knowledge of Allah is bewilderment and bewilderment within bewilderment, because with each increase in knowledge the knowledge horizon stretches even further ahead, endlessly. Allah is Infinite and Knowledge of Allah is infinite. To be increased in knowledge is to be increased in bewilderment which is to be increased in knowledge ... Without end.
(Adab) is spiritual courtesy and gracious behaviour of the Path and perfect refinement of words and deeds. Adab is giving each thing and each moment its proper due. The science of the higher teaching is based upon adab, which encompasses all of human life. It extends from right behaviour with regard to the Sacred Law (Shari'a), right behaviour with one's fellow travellers, proper conduct towards the teaching and one's teacher, and reaches to unceasing spiritual courtesy to Allah Himself. The proper courtesy towards the Law is to stay within its boundaries, the proper conduct with regards to good actions is to complete the action and disconnect from it. Adab with regard to the Real is knowing what belongs to oneself and what belongs to Allah. Each moment and each situation has it's own adab. It has been said that the higher teaching is all adab and the greater your understanding and implementation of proper conduct is, the higher you are in the teaching.

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