The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Come into being

(Takawwun). To come to be, which results from the Divine Command "Be!" (Kun!). This means that a thing acquires the property of being a locus of manifestation for Allah. This coming to be (takawwun) is an act of the thing not an act of Allah, because it is the thing's response to the Divine Command.

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(Alastu bi Rabbikum?) (The Qur'an 7:171). These words were spoken in Pre-Eternity when Allah addressed the as yet 'non-existent' sons of Adam. This Primordial Covenant is called by the Sufis 'The Day of Alast'.
(Mustarih) is ease. The one who stands at ease has arrived at the station of 'everlasting ease' (rahat al abad). This ease results from his never seeing himself as the locus of manifestation of the Name 'Allah'. He always regards his own slaveness. It is ease in respect of the station of 'everlasting ease', but in respect of the station of 'no station' it is an ease within constant motion. Having surrendered in totality to the moment the slave is at ease, but, there is a 'renewal of creation in each instant'. There is constant movement, change, activity and creation. And from the midst of this knowledge the slave stands at ease. This is bewilderment!
(Mukawwanat)). These are the creations which have been brought into existence through Allah's Word of Command "Kun!" and which will leave this world when their stay here is terminated. It is within the Cloud, which is the Supreme Isthmus, that form is given by the Giver of Forms, Al Musawwir, to all of the existents or engendered things. Every existent becomes manifest within the Cloud.
(Ayan al Thabita). The immutable entities or fixed prototypes or established essences or potentialities. These are the infinite and immutable Possibilities which are fixed in the Ipseity. The fixed entities are the images of the Divine Names and Qualities and 'things' of the Ipseity in the Presence of Knowledge, with specific individuation. The term signifies the essential character of every individual existing from eternity in the Divine Knowledge. They are established according to non-existence and they are not qualified by existence.

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