The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Sufli). It the opposite pole to that which is high ('ulwi). The cosmos is comprised of many such pairs.

See also: High Pair
('Ulwi). This is the opposite pole to low (sufli). In making his descent, from the state of non-manifestation within the Knowledge of Allah to the state of manifestation within the cosmos, man was cast down to the "lowest of the low'". This is the place of ignorance. Allah Almighty has given each human the means with which to ascend higher and higher in the degrees of knowledge on his Journey of Return. However there is no such thing as the 'highest' knowledge. Because Allah is Sublime, Supreme, Absolute and Infinite, He has no End, no Limit, no Highest Point. The traveller just keeps ascending, forever, higher and higher. The Journey is dazzling. The Journey is Bewilderment. 'Inability to attain comprehension (of Allah) is comprehension (of Allah)'.
(Zawj). On the Spiritual Journey of Return to Allah there are certain moral and spiritual attributes which are paired. It is necessary for these pairs to be experienced and assimilated by the traveller (salik). Such pairs are hope and fear, expansion and contraction, intoxication and sobriety, annihilation and subsistence. Perfection is passing beyond the opposing pairs to that point where 'opposites are joined'.

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