The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

as-sufi lam yukhlaq
Sufi is uncreated

(Al Sufi lam yukhlaq). The sufi is uncreated. To become homesick for the Real Home, that Divine and Tranquil Centre at the very Heart of man's being, is to be greatly blessed, for such a homesickness is a gift from Allah; it is the Grace of Allah. And, such a true homesickness leaves the ailing one no rest. He will devote all of his days and all of his nights to that work which will get him 'back there' again. Trying to get back to 'how he was, before he was'. The sufi is the one who has returned to his own nothingness within the Knowledge of Allah. He is 'no thing'. The sufi is uncreated.

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(La Shay). The slave who has 'returned' to Allah has arrived at the place of nonexistence, the place of "Allah is, and nothing is with Him". The slave has returned to his own nothingness within the Knowledge of Allah. Such a slave is destitute (Muflis) of everything other than Allah. He is 'nothing' (La Shay) but the locus of manifestation of Allah. He has 'nothing' of his own. He belongs totally and unconditionally to Allah.
(Sukun) is silence or stillness. This is the great silent stillness of the Essence to which the hearts of the lovers of Allah yearn to return.
(Kalam-i -dhati). This Speech is Allah's Speech. It is the Speech of the Essence Itself. Kalam-i-dhati is the Speech of the Source and the Source is the Great Silence. The People of the Essence, Allah's perfect slaves who are drowned in the Source Itself, speak in a silent and wordless language. Their spiritual affinity is total because each one of them drinks directly from the Fountain of Camphor in Paradise and has become one with the camphor. When the drop enters the Ocean there is no necessity for words to be spoken. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) said, 'He who knows Allah, his tongue becomes silent'. Kalam-i-dhati is the stage of union. Speech without words (kalam-i-dhati) becomes manifest through Speech with words (kalam-i-tafsili).

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