The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

Running through

(Sarayan). Running through or pervading. Sarayan is the pervasion of the entity by Being. Although it is universal, it varies in intensity, reaching its highest degree in the Perfect Man.

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(Uswa hasana). The Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustapha (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace) is the beautiful model. Through his perfect example man is given the means of drawing closer, and yet closer, to Allah. The degrees of such nearness depend upon the manner and attitude in which one follows the beautiful model. Those who love Allah and His Messenger more than anything, more than life itself, are the slaves who follow Muhammad al Mustapha in their outer lives and in their inner realities. To approach Allah, the slave must first meet the Holy Prophet Muhammad. This meeting is a Mystery. The Holy Prophet Muhammad, the beautiful model, becomes the slave's inner reality through the unveiling of the Reality of Muhammad. The hadith says, "Who has seen me has seen Allah".
(Khalal) Close friendship. This is the station of the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) who, through being thoroughly permeated with Love of Allah, became the friend of Allah, Khalil Allah.
(Khalil). He is the one who has been thoroughly penetrated by Allah and become His intimate friend. Such was the exalted station of the Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him).
(Khalil ar Rahman). The friend who has been thoroughly penetrated by the Merciful. Allah's Mercy pours down in abundance upon such a friend, penetrating his entire being and making of him a slave through whom the Divine Mercy flows into the manifest realm.
(Takhallul). Intimate penetration and permeation and assimilation of the Divine Attributes into the slave. It is this takhallul which gives the lover no rest for his limbs and no sleep for his eyes. Every atom of his being has been activated to Life through his sincere and total dedication to the Remembrance of Allah. 'I am sitting with the one who remembers Me'. The one with takhallul is truly the one who remembers Allah.

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