The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

ruju' ikhtiyari
Voluntary Return

(Ruju' ikhtiyari). Man has been given the gift of choosing his own route of Return. By following the Divine Law he can go back to the Face of Mercy. By following his own whims and fancies he can go back to the Face of Wrath.

See also: Free choice Guidance Misguidance Path Trust Viceregent The Way
(Ikhtiyar). Free choice or spontaneity (as opposed to compulsion). The angels are servants of Allah only by compulsion. They have no choice. Man is a servant of Allah by compulsion through his obligatory works and he is a servant of Allah by free choice through his supererogatory works. And he has been given the free choice as to which Path of Return he takes to his Origin. The 'Arif, the knower of Allah, is the one who knows the present moment and therefore knows that Allah IS the moment. Allah gives to such a knower free choice and spontaneous (ikhtiyar) knowledge in each instant and in each breath. This slave, knower and lover takes his knowledge directly from al Hayy, the Living. He drinks from the Water of Life which is ever fresh and ever renewed.
(Huda). It is Allah Who guides whoever He wants to Himself. The journey from the circumference to the Centre is under Divine Guidance and is specific to the people of yearning who travel the Spiritual Path. When He wants to join someone to Himself He guides them to His saints.
(Idlal). Man has been given the choice as to which path he takes on the return journey to his Origin. In this life he can make the Journey of Return to his Sacred Centre under Divine Guidance which is manifested in the Prophets of Allah and His friends. But, he can be prevented from making the journey in this life due to Misguidance (Idlal) which is manifested in Satan and his friends.
(Amanat). The Trust was offered to the heavens and the earth, but they refused to carry it, but mankind accepted the Trust. The Trust is to act as a locus of manifestation of the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'. The Perfect Man is the one who fulfills this Trust and in so doing becomes worthy of being Allah's representative on this earth.
(Al Khalifah). The viceregent of Allah is the perfected human being who has fulfilled his reason for being. He has carried the Trust which Allah offered to him, the Trust of being the locus of manifestation for the Name 'Allah'. The viceregent is the Perfect Man in whom Allah contemplates His own Name-derived Perfection. No one is called khalifah except through the perfection of the Divine Form within him. It is through His khalifah that Allah enters the world.

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