The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Ruju'). This term particularly denotes man's Return to Allah. The Men of Perfection, whose station is the station of 'no station', are those who are constantly 'returning' to Allah.

See also: Compulsory Return No station Travelling Voluntary Return
(Ruju' Idtirari). Every created thing must return to Allah by the same invisible route. This is utterly unavoidable. "Oh you, man! Truly you are ever toiling on towards your Lord - painfully toiling - but you shall meet Him" (The Qur'an 84:6).
(La maqam). This is the 'station of no station'. This 'station of no station' is the highest station reached by the People of Perfection who manifest the Name 'Allah'. They have passed beyond all states and stations and are the true Muhammadan heirs. They have passed beyond both Majesty and Beauty and have no attribute and no description. They are not determined by properties. The People of 'no station' are the Divine Ones. The Real is identical with them. The Muhammadan heirs have no goal because their vastness is the Vastness of Allah Himself Who has no goal in Himself which might ultimately be reached. The People of 'no station' witness only Allah - Allah, the Infinite, the Eternal, the Absolute.
(Suluk) is travelling or Wayfaring. Suluk is journeying along the Spiritual Path of Return to the Source. It is the methodical travelling, through the states and stations, under the direction of a Spiritual Master (Shaykh, Murshid). The one who travels is the salik. The advance of the slave towards Allah is really the advance of Allah towards His slave. "Verily, I desire them more than they desire Me" says the beautiful Hadith Qudsi.
(Ruju' ikhtiyari). Man has been given the gift of choosing his own route of Return. By following the Divine Law he can go back to the Face of Mercy. By following his own whims and fancies he can go back to the Face of Wrath.

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