The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Qasida). An ode of praise and honour.

See also: Poetry Poetry and Songs Sufi Singer Sufi Song
(Diwan). The dynamic and living poetry of the Great lovers of Allah. Diwani poetry acts as a vehicle for the descent of spiritual realities into the heart of the 'listener'. Coming as it does, from the Direct Knowledge (unveiling, taste, opening) and inspiration of the mystic poet, the diwan contains an overflowing spiritual energy. It is this energy which may cause inrushes of knowledge and awareness to descend upon the one who has the preparedness to receive it. This is another form of 'spiritual concert'. Through the barakah emanating from the reciter of the diwan, which is like the barakah which emanates from the Sufi singer, the listener may experience spiritual 'tasting' 'drinking' and 'intoxication'.
(Na't). Poetry and songs in honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Such poetry and song can operate on many different levels of meaning, ranging from the beautiful and simple love of Allah's Beloved, which is a characteristic of all pious Muslims, through to the unveiling of the Reality of Muhammad, which infuses the hearts of his slaves with Divine Love.
(Qawwal). During the 'spiritual concert' (sama') the qawwal may be the means through which the hearer finds Allah in ecstasy. When this occurs it is true sama' because sama' is a bird which flies from Allah to Allah - Allah is the singer and Allah is the hearer. The barakah surrounding and emanating from the qawwal and his musicians is extremely potent. Its effect upon an audience can be profound even when the members of that audience are ignorant of, and oblivious to, the reality within the singer and the music. For the one who has been prepared and purified, through spiritual struggle and the Remembrance of Allah, the speech of the qawwal can send his heart soaring towards the spiritual realm, where a thousand subtleties and delicacies are opened to him.
(Qawwali). A Sufi song and music. Through the rhythms of qawwali the listener may be opened to inrushes of knowledge and awareness through which he reaches ecstasy. If he 'finds' Allah within this ecstasy then he has experienced the true 'spiritual concert'.

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