The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi


(Mustaqim). Straight and without deviation. That which is straight is all that leads to ultimate felicity. The Sacred Law, which has been set down for mankind, is the Straight Path. The higher teaching is the method by which man can transform his lower self into his Higher Self and travel the straightest and most direct Path to his Lord.

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(Mayl) is that which is the opposite of straightness. The cosmos, being at the furthest point from the Source, is a place of deviation. Being the realm of multiplicity, opposites, deviation and disequilibrium it is in need of Divine Guidance. However, while looking at such deviation, the knowers see only the Unity of Allah.
(Deen). The word deen indicates the 'life transaction' between Allah and Man. It is not merely religion in the constricted and limited sense which the word has assumed in these times. This 'life transaction' is between Allah and man, between the Creator and the created, the Limitless and the limited, the One and the many. 'Life transaction' means every facet, every aspect of life - from the smallest detail to the greatest action. Every moment of a man's life should be impregnated with the awareness of Allah - life is meaningless and futile without such an awareness. Islam, the Perfect and Final Revelation, is the Straight Path to this awareness of the Source. And the higher teaching is the Living Heart of Islam - the Heart from which flows the life-giving nourishment to every soul in the manifested world.
(Iqamat). The slave stands straight before his Lord, without deviation or crookedness or swerving. He is steadfast and present with his Lord.
Tasawwuf - see 'The higher teaching'.

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