The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

musamma wujudi
Named thing

(Musamma wujudi). The ontological named thing. This is Allah Himself. Allah is Named by every Name, Described by every Attribute and Qualified by every Description. When a Name becomes attached to an existent thing it is only attached to it insofar as it is a locus of manifestation for Allah. The named thing 'here' and the Named thing 'there' is always Allah.

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(Ayan al Thabita). The immutable entities or fixed prototypes or established essences or potentialities. These are the infinite and immutable Possibilities which are fixed in the Ipseity. The fixed entities are the images of the Divine Names and Qualities and 'things' of the Ipseity in the Presence of Knowledge, with specific individuation. The term signifies the essential character of every individual existing from eternity in the Divine Knowledge. They are established according to non-existence and they are not qualified by existence.
(Mahall). Locus or dwelling place or place of manifestation. Each human heart is a locus in which the Being of Allah discloses Itself. The radiance of His Self-disclosure depends upon the purity of the heart in the way that water takes on the colour of the cup. His Self-disclosures pertain to the 'unseen' world and to the 'visible' world, both of which are perceived by the heart. This indicates the vastness and the tremendous capacity of the human heart.
(Ism) is The Name. The Name implies that which is Named. Al ism refers to the particular Divine Name which determines the immediate state of the heart of the slave.
(Majla). Place or locus of Divine Self-disclosure and revelation. The cosmos was given existence purely and solely to be a place for the manifestation of the Divine Names. And man was given existence purely and solely to develop himself into the Perfect Man and become a place for the manifestation of the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'.
(Mathar). The person who experiences unveiling sees the lights as places of disclosure (mathar) within the imaginal realm. These lights abound according to the purity of the 'secret' of the one with unveiling. The cosmos is the place of manifestation of all the Names of Allah. Some of these places are manifest and others are hidden, but they are all nevertheless places of Allah's Self-disclosure (mathar).

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