The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Unity of Allah
tawhid (tauhid)

(Tawhid). The Declaration of Allah's Unity, 'There is no god other than Allah' is the very pivot of Islam. Knowledge of the Declaration of Allah's Unity is a light. Yet, Allah Himself is the affirmation of His Unity. Within the higher teaching all ...

Unity of Being
wahdat al-wujud

(Wahdat al wujud/Tawhid aI wujudi). This term carries different meanings. It may indicate 'The Unity of Existence' and 'The Unity of Being' and 'The Oneness of Finding'. At the end of the Path only Allah is found. This is the Unity of Existence, the ...

Unity of Lordship
ahadiyyah ar-rububiyya

(Ahadiyya ar-rububiyya).

Unity of multiplicity or manyness
ahadiyyat al-kathra

(Ahadiyyat al Kathra). This is Being when considered as possessor of the Names.

Unity of Place

(Wahdat-i makaniyyah). To attain to the Divine Presence, to reach Allah Almighty, the slave must be in a state of utter Unity. This Unity is comprised of three Unities Unity of Essence, Unity of Time and Unity of Place. Unity of Place is that 'placel...

Unity of the Divinity
tawhid al-uluha

(Tawhid al uluha). This is Allah. Man can reach knowledge of the Unity of the Divinity, but he cannot reach knowledge of the Unity of the Essence because the Essence is Unknowable. Only Allah knows Allah as He is in Himself.

Unity of the Entity
ahadiyyat al-'ayn

(Ahadiyyat al 'ayn). This is the Unity of Allah in being completely independent of His creation and even of His Names.

Unity of the Named
ahadiyyat al-musamma

(Ahadiyyat al Musamma). The Unity of the Named (and the Named is Allah).

Unity of the One
ahadiyyat al-ahad

(Ahadiyyat al Ahad). This is the Essence Itself.

Unity of the United
ahadiyyat al-mujma

(Ahadiyyat al Mujma).

Unity of the Universal
ahadiyyat al-kulliyah

(Ahadiyyat al Kulliyah).

Unity of the Word
ahadiyyat al-kalima

(Ahadiyyat al Kalima). This is the Divine Word which descends from Allah. This Word contains the Sacred Law within which is all knowledge. The 'place' of this Unity of the Word is His Throne. Beneath the Throne is His Footstool where the Word becomes...

Unity of Time

(Wahdat-i-zamaniyyah). The slave returns to the 'timeless' Time. This is the beginingless and endless moment in which he is 'no thing' ('la shay'). Only Allah IS. The slave is merely an entity through which Allah Almighty becomes manifest. The slave...

Unity of Witnessing
tawhid-i shuhudi

(Wahdat al Shuhud/Tawhid-i shuhudi). This is distinct from the Unity of Finding or Being. The witnessing belongs to the slave, who witnesses Allah's presence to the extent of his capacity, while the finding belongs to Allah, Who is present and finds ...

Unity, Transcendent or Supreme

(Al Ahadiyyah). It is the Outward aspect of the Essence compared with its Inward aspect. When al Ahadiyyah is considered as Abstract Oneness (the first descent from essence) its Inward aspect is 'He-ness' and its Outward aspect is 'I-ness'.