The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Existence of the mind
al-wujud al-dhihni

(Wujud al dhihni). Mental existence. This term indicates the existence of a thing, as a concept, an idea, within the mind of man.

al-wujud al-suri

(Wujud al suri). This is the Breath of the All Merciful where Allah manifests Himself in the forms of the existent things in the cosmos.

Existence-fundamental and relative
al-wujud al-asli al-idafi

(Wujud al asli al idafi). The existence of the entities belongs to Allah in the state of their being qualified by non-existence in themselves. Their existence is fundamental and relative.

al-wujud al-khayali

(Wujud al khayali).This indicates everything 'other-than-Allah'.

Existent thing

(Mawjud). The existent or found thing or that thing which has existence or has been found. This term derives from Being (wujud) and there is only One Being, Allah. All things, though as yet non-existent within the cosmos nevertheless have existence w...


(Basat). To expand.


(Bast). An involuntary state of expansion, within the state of unveiling, which engulfs the heart with ineffable joy and love. It results from the Self-disclosure of Allah's Beauty and carries with it a feeling of acceptance, mercy and intimacy with ...

Expansion of the breast

(Inshirah). This expansion is due to the Light contained within the breast. The Light is from Allah and it is Knowledge of Allah. Without this Light the breast remains in darkness and ignorance. This expansion is continuous, from the initial expansio...


(Buruz). Exteriorization or 'bringing out into the open'. Buruz is a friend of Allah's ability to be present at different places at the same time.

External One

(Thahir) is the one who regards the exterior of things without seeking knowledge of the interior reality. For example, the Thahir performs his ritual prayer in a mechanical manner, without seeking knowledge of the symbolism of the bodily postures or...


('Ayn). Eye or source or well.

Eye of Certainty
'ayn al-yaqin

('Ayn al Yaqin). The Eye of Certainty. In the triad of the Knowledge of Certainty the Eye of Certainty the Truth of Certainty, the Eye of Certainty could be likened to actually seeing the light of the flames of a fire, after having merely heard a des...

Eye of governing control
'ayn al-tahkim

('Ayn al Tahkim). The Messengers of Allah were commanded to manifest certain miracles but the friends of Allah are commanded to conceal them. Part of the Divine deception which affects the Elect of the Elect lies in Allah bestowing upon them the 'eye...

Eye of the heart
'ayn al-basirah

('Ayn al basirah or 'Ayn al Qalb). The 'inner eye'. Spiritual eyesight. The opening of this 'inner eye' is a mystery and a miracle which can only be brought about through the Infinite Mercy of the All Merciful.

Eye of Truth
'ayn al-haqq

('Ayn al Haqq). Entity of the Real. This is Allah's Being or the Essence Itself.