The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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Engendered thing, all comprehensive
al-kawn al-jami'

(Kawn al Jami'). The Perfect Man is the all comprehensive engendered thing, because he gathers within himself everything in the Divine Reality and everything in the cosmos. He is the locus of manifestation for the All-Comprehensive Name 'Allah'.

Engendered things
ka'inat (kawn)

(Mukawwanat)). These are the creations which have been brought into existence through Allah's Word of Command "Kun!" and which will leave this world when their stay here is terminated. It is within the Cloud, which is the Supreme Isthmus, that form i...

Engenderer of Secondary Causes
mukawwin al-asbab

(Mukawwin al Asbab). Those who see the One who engenders the secondary causes and never deny Allah, have clear sight.


(Iltidhadh) refers to the pleasure (ladhadha) which is experienced in the encounter between lover and Beloved. Allah jealously guards and protects His lovers. Part of this jealousy is Allah's keeping the lovers at a distance from Himself, for a time,...


The Prophet Enoch (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Holy Wisdom (Al Hikmat al Quddusiyyah).

Enricher, The

(Al Mughni). The Enricher is one of the Beautiful Names of Allah.


(Ayan). The form or archetype or first essences or determinations of things. These are eternally known to Allah.

Entity, Existent
'ayn mawjuda

('Ayn mawjuda). The existent entity. The immutable entity ('ayn thabita) and the existent entity ('ayn mawjuda) are the same reality. The latter exists in the cosmos while the former does not. The 'ayn mawjuda is the possible thing after it comes int...

Entity, Fixed
Ayan al thabita

Ayan al thabita - see 'Fixed Entities'.

Entity, One
al 'ayn al-wahid

(Ayn al Wahid). The One Entity. This refers to Being in that all of existence is Its radiance and the existent things are Its properties and effects.

Epitomizer, The
Al Mujammil

(Al Mujammil). The Epitomizer, the One who sums things up. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


(Sawa'). This is a dangerous station on the Path. It is faced when the slave becomes manifest in the form of Allah, the Real and leaves his slavehood and ascribes Allah's Attributes to himself, thereby setting up an equality between himself and Alla...


(I'tidal). Equilibrium and balance. Spiritual equilibrium is attained through assuming the noble character traits which were perfected in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May the Salutations of Allah be upon him and Peace). Under the direction of the Mursh...


(Dhat). The Essence. This is Allah in Himself without regard to His creations, His Attributes or His Names. The Essence is beyond knowledge or conceptualization. Allah warns us of this aspect of Himself. The Essence is Absolute Blindness, the Hidden ...

Essence Itself

(Inniyyah). The Essence Itself. The Ipseity of the Real.