The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Lasan) is that, by means of which divine statements fall upon the ears of the knowers of Allah.


Afada - see 'Overflow'.

Emanation, Divine

(Fayd). Divine effusion or overflow or emanation. One of the ways of gaining knowledge is through this Divine Emanation. It is a bestowal from Allah to the heart of His Perfect slave, the Perfect Man. The world itself remains in existence due to this...

Emanation, Holy
al-fayd al-muqaddas

(Fayd al Muqaddas). The Holy Emanation. This is the manifestation of Allah in the forms of the Creation. In the Descent it is the second theophany. It is the place where 'being' is bestowed upon each entity in keeping with its universal preparedness ...

Emanation, Most Holy
al-fayd al-aqdas

(Al Fayd al Aqdas). The Most Holy Emanation. This is the Principial Manifestation. It is the 'place' where Allah manifests Himself to Himself in Himself. The Most Holy emanation also refers to the infinite and uncreated Heart of the Perfect Man. It i...

Emanation, Reality of
haqiqat al-fayd

(Haqiqat al Fayd). The Reality of Emanation or Outpouring. This is the power through which the Divine Realities are transferred from the Murshid to his murid. It is a direct emanation or overflow from the Great Heart of the Holy Prophet Muhammad hims...


(Tajassud). Embodiment or corporealization. Within the realm of Imagination the friends of Allah see in their visions the embodiment of an angel, a Prophet or even Allah Himself. The cosmos itself consists of non-existent meanings which are embodied ...

Embodiment of the spirits
tajassud al-awrah

(Tajassud al arwah). Embodiment or Corporealization of the spirits which takes place within the imaginal realm.


(Zamradah). This is another term for the Universal Soul.


(Takhliyah). Before the purification of the heart and the secret are achieved there must be an emptiness (takhliyah). Such an emptiness is attained ultimately through the Grace of Allah but also through the sincere observance of the spiritual work. ...


Taqlid - see 'Following authority'.


(Liqa'). This term indicates an encounter such as that between the lover and the Beloved. The pleasure of such an encounter is far greater than the pleasure of unceasing companionship, because the heart overflows with love and longing during separat...

End, The

(Al Ghayah). The end or utmost limit. The one who is illumined at the beginning of his journey will be illumined at the end, yet, some things may be considered praiseworthy during travelling but blameworthy at the end (al ghayah). An example is the t...

Endless, The
Al Abadi

(Al Abadi). The Endless. One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Engendered existence
kawn (ka'inat)

(Kawn/Ka'inat). Existence comes from Allah's Word "Be!" ("Kun!"). Allah, as the Divinity, is perpetually with engendered existence, but, engendered existence is not perpetually with Allah. The entire spiritual work of the higher teaching is directed...