The Language of the Future
Sufi Terminology
by Murshid F.A. Ali ElSenossi

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(Wajd). These are the states which come upon the heart unexpectedly. They annihilate it from witnessing itself and others. Ecstasy is the descent of immense spiritual energy upon the slave. It overwhelms the senses, causing extreme physical reaction...

Ecstatic utterance

(Shath). An ecstatic utterance is spoken while the ecstatic is in a state of spiritual intoxication. To the outsider his utterance may appear to contradict the Sacred Law, to be pretentious, thoughtless and even verging on associating partners with A...


(Mahw). This indicates the annihilation of the slave's actions in the actions of Allah. Effactement is distinct from 'obliteration' in which the slave's very being is annihilated in the Essence Itself. Effacement is the removal of the attributes of ...

Effacement in affirmation
mahw fi ithbat

(Mahw fi Ithbat). Obliteration in affirmation. The lover is completely at the behest of Allah. He is effaced in his affirmation. He does not desire anything other than what is desired for him. He is the object of the act not the Agent. His affirmati...

Effacer of Sins, The

(Al 'Afu). One of the Beautiful Names of Allah.

Effort and striving

(Ijtihad). Outwardly this takes the form of individual endeavour to learn knowledge of the Sacred Law (shari'a). Inwardly the efforts of the individual are directed towards self-purification in order to gain Knowledge of Allah. Such a striving (ijti...

Effulgence, Divine
al-fayd al-ilahi

(Al Fayd al Ilahi). The Divine Effulgence.


Nafs - see 'Self'.


(Nafsani). This term is applied to the egocentric tendencies. For example, there are four kinds of 'incoming thoughts' which reach the heart divine, spiritual, egocentric and satanic.

al-khassa (al-khusus)

(Al Khassa/Khusus). The elect or elite amongst the Sufis. 'The Elect' refers to the accomplished Sufi Masters who are the Folk of Allah. They are the elect of Allah.

Elect of the Elect
khassat al-khassa (khusus al-khusus)

(Khassat al Khassa/Khusus al Khusus). The elect of the elect or the elite of the elite. These are the Great Sufis, the Verifiers. These great ones form the highest category of friends of Allah. They follow no one's authority because in themselves the...


(Ikhtisas). This term applies to those who are the chosen ones of Allah and His elect.


('Unsuri). That which is elemental, meaning those things which are composed of the four elements.

Elevator, The
Ar Raafi'a

(Ar Raafi'a). The Elevator. One of the beautiful Names of Allah.


(Ilyas). The Prophet Elias (Peace be upon him) through whose Word descended the Wisdom of Intimacy (al Hikmat al Inasiyyah).